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© Gilles Leimdorfer
© Gilles Leimdorfer
© Gilles Leimdorfer
© Frédérique Domergue

Frédérique Domergue

  • Furniture maker
  • Lunel, France
  • Master Artisan
Frédérique Domergue Furniture maker
French, Spanish
By appointment only
+33 (0)675525539
© Gilles Leimdorfer

The alchemy of materials

  • • Frédérique draws inspiration from materials and nature
  • • Her work explores both craftsmanship and fine arts
  • • She developed her own process by adapting the gilding technique

Frédérique Domergue reveals the hidden beauty of materials. By subtly marrying wood and metal, she designs contemporary furniture. But that's not all. She finds her true expression through the creation of surprising paintings made of oxidised metals. Initially a schoolteacher, Frédérique’s strong desire to create redirected her into craftsmanship. Self-taught, she gradually refined her own techniques. In particular, she covers wood with metal sheets, often brass, zinc and copper, and delicately plays with finishes. Frédérique developed her awareness of materials when growing up with artisan grandparents. As a child, she used to play in their workshop, restoring and gilding old objects.

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  • © Frédérique Domergue
  • © Frédérique Domergue
  • © Frédérique Domergue
  • © Frédérique Domergue
  • © Frédérique Domergue
Photo: © Frédérique Domergue
Flower chest of drawers

This oak cabinet with an intricately carved pattern was created by Frédérique Domergue. She found that the soft, rounded shapes of the cabinet combined harmoniously with this finishing. One can feel the decoration by running a hand over the surface. The cabinet features three drawers which open and close when pressure is applied. The carved wood has been coated with bronze leaf, while the cabinet is coated with natural beeswax.

Length 120 cm
Width 100 cm
Height 36 cm

Photo: © Frédérique Domergue
Glass flower console

Frédérique Domergue created this elegant piece of furniture, an oak top console with a sculpted glass flower, as a plinth for a flower display. A glassworker made the glass sculpture for another project but Frédérique found that this remarkable flower would fit this console and its intention perfectly. It can be removed and placed like a jewel on the console. The console's lyre-shaped structure is handcrafted from natural waxed poplar burl.

Length 110 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 35 cm

Photo: © Frédérique Domergue
L’antre d’Ithaque

This seascape, made in 2017, was created on an aluminium support. Frédérique Domergue used glued zinc and bronze sheets as well as metal oxidation and beeswax to create this seascape. It is part of a series of ten landscapes created using a technique of gluing bronze and zinc sheets and altering the surface with acid solutions in various concentrations. No paint or pigments were used to create the piece.

Width 100 cm
Height 80 cm

Photo: © Frédérique Domergue
Bumper cabinet

The top and base of this three-door cabinet are made from black patinated zinc which has been polished. The doors and sides are made of polished and waxed pink copper, shaped as if dented. The structure and interior shelves are made from solid oak. Frédérique Domergue wanted to contrast the black patina of the top with the pink of the front and sides.

Length 150 cm
Width 55 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: © Frédérique Domergue
Vogue cabinet

The drawer fronts of this tall cabinet are made from sheets of ash burl. The grain of the wood is inlaid with polished titanium. This is one of Frédérique Domergue’s favourite pieces and a reflection of the style that she wants to give to her work. This piece of furniture inspired her idea of combining metals with rare woods.

Length 36 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 96 cm

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