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© Patrice Niset
© Patrice Niset
© Patrice Niset
© Aurélien Lambert

Frédéric Mulatier

  • Basketweaver
  • Chassiers, France
  • Master Artisan
Frédéric Mulatier Basketweaver
French, English
By appointment only
+33 650646880
© Patrick Leclerc

Storytelling in wicker and clay

  • • Frédéric mixes basketmaking and ceramics
  • • Craft is his second career
  • • His work is about storytelling

After a first career in IT, Frédéric Mulatier decided to change paths and turned to basketmaking, which he studied thoroughly before opening his own workshop. While this craft remains the backbone of his life, he discovered the artistic possibilities that came when mixing wicker with clay. The connection between the two materials is more than creative: he argues that both materials come from earth and are related in the use our ancestors made of them. His making-process requires both meticulous work, as he adapts his kiln to every single piece to make sure the wicker acclimatises to the cooking at 900°C, and a willingness to let his pieces live and develop as they are meant to if something unexpected happens. Each piece is unique, and has a story to tell.

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  • © Aurélien Lambert
  • © Aurélien Lambert
  • © Aurélien Lambert
  • © Patrick Leclerc
Photo: © Aurélien Lambert
L’empreinte du vide

This piece is part of Frédéric Mulatier’s series “Tectoniques”, inspired by the story of Pompeii. His creations mix basketmaking and ceramics, with the earth enveloping the wicker that is therefore only visible in some places.

Height 34 cm
Diameter 34 cm

Photo: © Aurélien Lambert

This piece is part of Frédéric Mulatier’s series “Tectoniques,” inspired by the story of Pompeii. The earth englobes the wicker in a sometimes unpredictable way, giving each piece a singular form and aesthetic.

Length 42 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 35 cm

Photo: © Aurélien Lambert

This piece is part of Frédéric Mulatier’s series “Tectoniques,” is inspired by the story of Pompeii. The earth used to cover the wicker is of a natural Verdigris taint with hints of brown. The shape resembles a bowl with its sides coming high up to form a small cavity in the middle.

Height 28 cm
Diameter 42 cm

Photo: © Patrick Leclerc
Sutures dérisoires

Frédéric Mulatier’s earth and wicker pieces combine basketmaking and ceramics, creating a unique looking sculpture of a round shape and with natural shades of grey, blue and black. The firing process is unpredictable and gives each piece its singular look, such as here with one side cracked in an elegant way.

Height 28 cm
Diameter 42 cm

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