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Lorenzo Foglia

Lorenzo Foglia Silversmith
Italian, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+39 0555272309
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The master of the chisel

  • • Lorenzo is heir to over 80 years of artistic history
  • • His work merges classic lines with new stylistic research
  • • He combines silver with traditional and contemporary materials

The Foglia family has been working with precious metals for three generations. Lorenzo himself started in 1985, but, as he likes to underline, “it would be more correct to say that I was born into the business, as is often the case in families of artists and artisans, where you breathe in the craft from a very early age.” He describes his training as ‘open’, meaning “I firmly believe that only through comparison and the mixing of cultures and energies can we achieve the tools to create works that have a relevance from an artistic and design point of view.” In 1999, he started his entrepreneurial journey with Foglia Argenteria, which in 2015 became Foglia Firenze 1935 in acknowledgement of the 80 years of silversmithing and goldsmithing heritage passed on by his grandfather first to his father and finally to Lorenzo.

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Alzata Atlantide

This silver platter was entirely hammered out by hand following a specially created design. Lorenzo Foglia shaped the platter with a hammer and chisel. Like much of his work, imagery of the sea and aquatic life inspired the design of this tray.

Length 50 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Bacchus 5 flame candlestick

This silver candlestick was cast from an original wax model made by Lorenzo Foglia, before being worked on by hand. The ornate object features a detailed sculptural rendering of the Roman god Bacchus, who holds the upper part of the candlestick.

Height 65 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Double fan champagne bucket

This champagne bucket is a contemporary work of naturalistic inspiration, entirely shaped by hand from a single sheet of silver. Lorenzo was inspired by the beams of light that pierce the clouds. The creation alternates ridged surfaces with shiny sections, which cross them and contract.

Height 28 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

This sculpture of a lobster was entirely shaped by hand. Like much of his work, Lorenzo was inspired here by imagery of the sea and aquatic life. He finished the surface of the sculpture using various techniques to enhance its lifelike quality.

Length 28 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Parrot candlesticks

These silver candlestick holders were hammered by hand from sheets of silver. Two parrots are perched atop the candlestick holders. Their feathers have been worked on with a chisel and intricately embossed to accentuate their lifelike quality.

Height 40 cm

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