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©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo
©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo
©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo
©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo
©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo

Fernando Marmolejo Hernández

  • Goldsmith
  • Santiponce, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Fernando Marmolejo Hernández Goldsmith
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 13:30/16:30 - 20:00
+34 955997819
©Taller Orfebre Marmolejo

Pursuing a family legacy

  • • Fernando specialises in cofrade art which is typical of Seville
  • • He learned his craft by working alongside his father
  • • Drawing is a big part of his design and making process

Fernando Marmolejo Hernández is the son of master goldsmith Fernando Marmolejo Camargo, and grew up surrounded by goldsmithing from a very young age. As a child, he frequented his father's workshop and played with the tools. "I did not choose this craft, it chose me. It was my destiny. I am very happy with what I do," says Fernando, who began as an apprentice in the traditional way, running errands for the workshop, holding pieces for the journeymen, and learning by watching. "When I was 15 years old I was sent to my father's new workshop in the centre of Seville, a workshop-showroom of which I was responsible, attending to customers and managing new orders," he says. "I worked in my father's workshop for about 37 years. Later, when my father and teacher passed away, I made the decision to become independent from the family workshop and opened my own in 2007."

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  • ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
  • ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
  • ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
  • ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
Photo: ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
Rostrillo Setefilla

This piece is a rostrillo made for the Virgin of Setefillas. It is made with casting, hand chiseling, segueteado and silver oxide patina.

Photo: ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
Charity script

This is a script of Charity for the Brotherhood of Thirst, Seville. It is made with casting, laminating and hand chiselling. It is carved in cedar wood that was gilded with gold fino polychrome and hand embroidered. The design is based on the parish of the brotherhood with a well defined architectural style.

Photo: ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
Virgin of O Corpiño coronation wreath

This is a crown of the Virgin of O Corpiño. The crown is composed of a series of characteristic elements for this type of crown: basket, imperial crowns, rays, a globe, a cross, and it also includes a small custody and the Holy Spirit. It is a neo-baroque crown. The rays emanate from the basket and are mainly composed of straight and fiery rays that provide light. It bears ten stars surrounding the crown, as well as garlands flanked by a choir of cherubim.

Photo: ©Jose Luis Marmolejo
Tribute plaque for Monsignor Juan Jose Asenjo

This is a plaque inspired by the Sacral Altars that house the Cathedral of Seville. The upper central part of the piece is a gold plated fragment of the High Altar that crowns the work presided by Santa María de la Sede. A series of fire enamels with heraldry and landscapes complement the artistic narrative. It also has two embossed relief cartouches at the ends.

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