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©Marco Peri
©Marco Peri
©Marco Peri
©Marco Peri

Félix Lozal

Félix Lozal Paper worker
Catalan, Spanish
By appointment only
+34 615957644
©Marco Peri

The cardboard craftsman

  • • Félix works with cardboard to create his decorative pieces
  • • He believes that materials of little value can result in a beautiful object
  • • He uses techniques from all the artistic disciplines that he has studied

Felix Lozal says that one of the most decisive moments in his career was when he discovered the infinite possibilities of cardboard to express creativity and create art. Since 2010, he has been working in his workshop in Barcelona's Raval neighbourhood with this ordinary and common material to produce striking pieces that invite the viewer to question whether the importance of a handmade piece lies in creative process, in its appearance or its materials. His creations with cardboard, other recycled materials or reusable objects blur the lines between craftsmanship, sculpture and interior design. They are innovative pieces created with organic forms and sustainable values, which compete with those made with the most pretentious and luxurious materials.

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  • ©Marco Peri
  • ©Marco Peri
  • ©Marco Peri
  • ©Marco Peri
  • ©Marco Peri
Photo: ©Marco Peri

After creating a collection of cardboard bib necklaces, the idea came to Felix Lozal to alter these necklaces to a giant size, transforming them into sculptural ornaments. Mex, is the first of five models that represent five different cultures found across the globe.

Length 12 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 110 cm

Photo: ©Marco Peri
Marina bell

Marina bell is the result of bringing sculpture closer to interior design. Made with the same technique and volumetric corrugated cardboard spirals of different sizes assembled together, it is a more open composition to provoke a visual interplay between the interior and exterior of the lamp.

Height 50 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©Marco Peri
Marinas – Esculturas de luz

These Marine light sculptures are an allegory of the marine world and its mysteries, an evocation of the power and fragility of the sea. They are made from volumetric spirals of corrugated cardboard of different sizes assembled together on a paper casing.

Photo: ©Marco Peri

This lamp is part of Felix Lozal’s first collection of sculptural pieces made from cardboard. The design for the lamp is drawn from the form of classical chandeliers. Medusa lamp presents a freestanding version with Art Deco airs. Made with cardboard, it is the first piece in which colour is introduced.

Height 80 cm
Diameter 50 cm

Photo: ©Marco Peri
Gota Natur

This lamp is part of Felix Lozal’s first collection made from cardboard. Gota Natur, hand built from multiple cardboard elements, is inspired by a classic glass bead chandelier. Beyond the visual impact, the material gives a contemporary reading of the classicism of the original chandelier.

Height 90 cm
Diameter 60 cm

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