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©Kostis Mouselimis
©Kostis Mouselimis
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Faidon Ilias

  • Silversmith
  • Ioannina, Greece
  • Master Artisan
Faidon Ilias Silversmith
Greek, English
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 14:00
+30 6946093232
©Kostis Mouselimis

Lessons from fine silver wire

  • • Faidon uses the filigree technique to create objects and jewellery
  • • He is inspired by traditional patterns and elements
  • • The city of Ioannina has a long history in silversmithing

Faidon Ilias learned silversmithing from his father when he was 15 years old. In 2001 he opened his workshop in the city centre and started creating silver filigree jewels and decorative items. Using both traditional and innovative techniques, Faidon crafts highly refined objects and in doing so preserves the tradition of filigree making. The technique of silver filigree consists in forming a fine silver wire and minutely shaping it to create elaborate objects and jewellery. The first object Faidon ever made was a traditional silver filigree basket. “This traditional craft has almost disappeared. In my city, only one or two workshops still use the filigree technique,” he says.

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  • ©Costas Vassis
  • ©Costas Vassis
  • ©Costas Vassis
  • ©Costas Vassis
Photo: ©Costas Vassis
Filigree plate

This silver plate with filigree decoration on its border has traditional patterns of the region of Ioannina. Inside, the decoration is hammered. It can be used as a decorative item in households, on a table or on the wall.

Photo: ©Costas Vassis
Silver filigree basket

This silver basket has been created by using the filigree technique. It has a handle and inside are silver gold plated daisies. It is used mainly as a decorative item but it can also be used to hold other decorative items.

Photo: ©Costas Vassis
Silver filigree spoon and fork set

This silver filigree spoon and fork set can be used for formal dining or as decorative items. On their base there is filigree decoration and the rest is a classic cast spoon and fork.

Photo: ©Costas Vassis
Silver liqueur cup

This silver liqueur cup is found in wealthy households and serves as a cup for offering liqueur. There is a filigree decoration from top to bottom and three filigree ornaments are sculpted in the middle section of the cup.

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