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©Andrea Pavone
©Andrea Pavone
©Andrea Pavone
©Andrea Pavone
©Andrea Pavone

Fabrizio Lo Faro

  • Eden Eban
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Messina, Italy
  • Rising Star
Fabrizio Lo Faro Cabinetmaker
Italian, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+39 3925365521
©Andrea Pavone

A cabinetmaker's mission

  • • Fabrizio opened his atelier Eden Eban in 2022
  • • He designs and crafts wooden furniture pieces and accessories
  • • His clean designs and respect for wood mirror his work and life ethics

After a variety of enriching experiences around the world, in 2017 Fabrizio Lo Faro returned to his Sicilian hometown Messina, to become a cabinetmaker. Today he runs his freshly inaugurated cabinetmaking atelier, with the clear purpose of becoming something more for the local community. The name of his workshop, Eden Eban, conveys his profound passion and sincere dedication to his craft. Fabrizio creates clean, pure designs which respect and enhance wood and its features – including imperfections – and to last over time. His ethical mission, which will be fully accomplished when Fabrizio finally makes his next dream come true, is to set up a cabinetmaking school, to help others discover their creative side.

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  • ©Andrea Pavone
  • ©Andrea Pavone
  • ©Andrea Pavone
  • ©Andrea Pavone
  • ©Andrea Pavone
Photo: ©Andrea Pavone
Arianna wall cabinet

Arianna is a fully veneered wall cabinet paying tribute to the Japanese technique called kumiko. The decorative pattern conveys strength and beauty but it also hides a secret drawer that can be opened even when the cabinet is closed.

Photo: ©Andrea Pavone
Tage Frid three legged stool

This is a reproduction of the Tage Frid three legged stool, crafted in American black walnut, with ebony details. The creator of this iconic seat that includes a myriad of technical challenges was inspired by a rodeo seat, where a person can comfortably sit facing both forwards and backwards.

Photo: ©Andrea Pavone
Sunbursts veneered jewellery box

This jewellery box, simple and solid on the outside, showcases the accuracy of veneer work. The selection of leaves and patterns to achieve the veneer needs to be made spot on, in order to have a full wrapped-around effect. The internal top and bottom panels have sunburst decorations.

Photo: ©Andrea Pavone
Wall library

This wall library is made of Slavonian oak boards, with a maple kumiko panel on one side and fumed oak for the bottom of the two drawers on the other side. The natural imperfections of the wood are integrated in the design and they intentionally pay tribute to the shortage of wood supply during the recent pandemic.

Photo: ©Andrea Pavone
Live edge bench

Inspired by Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, based on the acceptance of impermanence and imperfection, the live edge bench has an oak slab with cracks for the seat. It is stabilised and decorated with American walnut butterfly inlays which prevent the cracks from deepening.

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