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©Fabio Ciancaglini
©Fabio Ciancaglini
©Fabio Ciancaglini
©Fabio Ciancaglini
©Fabio Ciancaglini

Fabio Ciancaglini

  • FCceramics
  • Ceramicist
  • Rubiana, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Fabio Ciancaglini Ceramicist
Italian, English
By appointment only
©Fabio Ciancaglini

The beauty of raw matter

  • • Fabio's ceramics are inspired by East Asia
  • • Glazed surfaces and elaborated textures are his signature
  • • He creates simple shapes with elaborate details

Fabio Ciancaglini came to ceramics later on in life. After a master's degree in architecture, he attended the Albertine Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and worked for a while as a painter and engraver. Back then, the only ceramic pieces he knew were the traditional hand decorated Italian ones, which he didn’t like very much. Ten years ago, though, he discovered the Oriental style and he fell in love with its formal simplicity. That’s why he decided to learn the fascinating art of ceramics. He took private classes for two years and then he went to La Borne in France, for an internship with master Françoise Blain. "Ceramics cannot be improvised: many years later, I feel that my training is still in progress," he says.

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  • ©Fabio Ciancaglini
  • ©Fabio Ciancaglini
  • ©Fabio Ciancaglini
  • ©Fabio Ciancaglini
  • ©Fabio Ciancaglini
Photo: ©Fabio Ciancaglini
Dots vase

Part of the Dots collection, this conic-shaped sculpture is made of white gres and finished with transparent glazing. Shaped on the lathe and then distorted by hand, it’s characterised by small engravings on the surface, obtained before the drying process was complete.

Length 14 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 18 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Ciancaglini

Part of the Treillage collection, this vase is almost spherical. Made with gres and shaped on the lathe, it was then engraved to resemble a woven basket. The light blue glazing, too, is handmade by the ceramicist.

Diameter 16.5 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Ciancaglini
Treillage 2

Part of the Treillage collection, this decorative oval vase is made with gres. After shaping it on the lathe, Fabio Ciancaglini engraved it: the result is similar to a woven basket, with intertwined elements that reveal the inside of the object. Fired in oxidation, it’s characterised by a ash-based blue glazing.

Diameter 17 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Ciancaglini
Treillage centerpiece

Short, cylindrical centerpiece made of gres. After shaping it on the lathe and before the drying process was complete,Fabio Ciancagli engraved it manually. The glazing is light blue, made by the craftsman himself with ash and cobalt oxide.

Diameter 20 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Ciancaglini
Corteccia vase

Spherical vase shaped on the lathe and glazed. The raw surface is obtained by using sodium silicate during the making process. Both the green glazing in the inside and the black one on the outside are made by the artist himself.

Diameter 21 cm

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