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©Fabio Bonardi
©Fabio Bonardi
©Fabio Bonardi
©Fabio Bonardi
©Fabio Bonardi

Fabio Bonardi

  • Luthier
  • Brescia, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Fabio Bonardi Luthier
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3288236529
©Fabio Bonardi

Strings of passion

  • • Fabio left engineering to become a luthier
  • • He builds and restores plucked strings instruments
  • • Falpius is the name he signs on his creations

Now a well-known luthier, Fabio Bonardi discovered lutherie while studying engineering. He decided to quit university and enrolled in the Civica Scuola di Liuteria (School of lutherie) in Milan, where he graduated as a master luthier under the guidance of masters Tiziano Rizzi and Lorenzo Lippi in 2007. He also received a degree in the restoration of plucked instruments, taught by masters Gabriele Negri and Tiziano Rizzi. Passionately devoted to his craft, Fabio loves being immersed in the enchanting environment of his workshop, where he builds mandolins and traditional steel string guitars inspired by old Martin models. As a restorer, he is specialised in historical Italian mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos and in 19th century Italian guitars.

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  • ©Fabio Bonardi
  • ©Fabio Bonardi
  • ©Fabio Bonardi
  • ©Fabio Bonardi
  • ©Fabio Bonardi
Photo: ©Fabio Bonardi
Tenor mandola

This is Fabio Bonardi’s personal model of a tenor mandola and it is tuned E, A, D, G. The combination of Val di Fiemme spruce and Brasilian rosewood gives a powerful and profound timber to the instrument.The oil finish emphasizes the wonderful wood grain.

Length 74.5 cm
Width 23.2 cm
Height 19 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Bonardi
Romantic steel guitar

The very first Martin guitars inspire the basic design of this guitar. The headstock, fingerboard and bridge follow the same style. The steel string setup allows the musician to discover new dynamics and sounds.

Length 95 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 13 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Bonardi
Neapolitan Baroque mandolin

Inspired by the great Neapolitan mandolin builders Vinaccia and Filano, this instrument has a balanced and responsive sound that perfectly helps the musician to enhance the Baroque repertoire for mandolin.

Length 56 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 15.5 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Bonardi
Classical guitar

This is a classical guitar with a Hauser/Torres style bracing system. The versatility and comfort of this instrument allows the musician to confidently explore the modern classical guitar repertoire.

Length 98 cm
Width 36.5 cm
Height 10.5 cm

Photo: ©Fabio Bonardi
Brescian mandolin

This Brescian mandolin was built for the exhibition Toda Italia en una ciudad, showcasing Brescia’s excellences (Madrid, 2008), then it was shown in the Ganz Italien in einer stadt exhibition (Munich, 2010).

Length 43 cm
Width 11.7 cm
Height 8 cm

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