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©Animi WoodWorkshop
©Animi WoodWorkshop
©Animi WoodWorkshop
©Animi WoodWorkshop

Evangelos & Dionisis Kalogiropoulos

  • Animi Wood Workshop
  • Toy making
  • Chania, Greece
  • Master Artisan
Evangelos & Dionisis Kalogiropoulos Toy making
Greek, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 14:30
+30 2821040330
©Animi WoodWorkshop

The art of playing

  • • Evangelos and Dionisis make unique wooden toys
  • • Evangelos was formerly an illustrator
  • • The brothers collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art

Evangelos and Dionisis Kalogiropoulos describe what they make as "Wooden interactive sustainable creations, made with love, that awaken the mood for play in children and grown-ups.” Inspired by their homeland, the brothers create original wooden children’s toys and decorative objects using symbols, colours and shapes that are characteristic of the Greek tradition and iconography. The brothers pursued different career paths before reuniting to work on their first passion. It was their father, an amateur carpenter, who passed on his love for wood. As children, they used to play with wood and dream of making things out of it: “Wood is a living material and as long as you offer it your time and skill, it gives you back unique results."

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  • ©Animi WoodWorkshop
  • ©Animi WoodWorkshop
  • ©Animi WoodWorkshop
  • ©Animi WoodWorkshop
  • ©Animi WoodWorkshop
Photo: ©Animi WoodWorkshop

The decorative stacking puzzle figure of the owl is part of a series that combines historical information, folk elements and Greek tradition with interactivity and modern design. The different coloured pieces – green, black natural – highlight its archetypal characteristic. The Owl comprises ten different pieces, all made of beech wood.

Length 11 cm
Width 2 cm
Height 15 cm

Photo: ©Animi WoodWorkshop
Hen & chicks

The hen & chicks push puzzle toy is made as a tribute to mother’s unconditional love. The toy consists of four pieces, painted with warm pastel colors. It is a perfect toy companion helping children develop their emotional intelligence. The removable hen’s feathers can be a place for the little chicks to hide and play. The toy is made of beech wood of European origin.

Length 14 cm
Width 6.5 cm
Height 14 cm

Photo: ©Animi WoodWorkshop
Balloon & cloud

The balloon & cloud stacking toy consists of seven geometrical pieces. Their different thicknesses, their blue and yellow pastels colours as well as their minimalistic design, offer the perfect opportunity for toddlers to develop their fine motor skills. It is up to the child’s fantasy to decide the order to place the different pieces and create its own set-up. The toy is made of beech wood.

Length 9 cm
Width 9 cm
Height 20 cm

Photo: ©Animi WoodWorkshop

The eye is formed by four pieces of four different colours: nuances of black and blue. With a tradition that is lost in the depths of the centuries, the amulets that represent a blue eye are one of the most iconic symbols in Greece. With very vivid colours, the eye puzzle consists of four imperfect concentric circles, it is a very unique interactive decorative item. All four pieces are made of beech wood and water painted by hand.

Length 12.6 cm
Width 2 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Animi WoodWorkshop
Greek horse

The Greek horse is a cheerful push & pull toy inspired by the story of the Trojan Horse. With its vivid red and yellow colours, it is the perfect toy for young explorers ready to walk who are taking their first steps into a world of fun and joy. The horse is made of beech wood of European origin, and hand painted with water based paints.

Length 13.8 cm
Width 6.5 cm
Height 15.5 cm

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