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©Maria Lindbäck
©Maria Lindbäck
©Maria Lindbäck
©Maria Lindbäck
©Eva Hagström

Eva Hagström

  • Weaver
  • Töre, Sweden
  • Master Artisan
Eva Hagström Weaver
Swedish, English
By appointment only
+46 (0)705642158
©Maria Lindbäck

Sea and sky views

  • • Eva grew up in a family with deeply rooted artisan skills
  • • She creates in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Bothnia
  • • Her atelier and shop boast enchanting views

Dropping by Eva Hagström’s studio is already an experience in itself due to its striking setting. Once arrived in Siknäs, it is easy to spot a traditional red wooden building with vivid blue details, surrounded by an incredible view overlooking the Baltic Sea. It is here that Eva works almost every day, hand or loom weaving textiles, embroidering and woodcarving. Looking at the whole picture, you can really see where her inspiration comes from. Groups of visitors are welcomed into an astonishing environment full of creativity and filled with the tools of the trade – looms, threads, tapestries, textile samples and sketches. Moreover, if you are interested in buying Eva’s creations, you can visit the shop, which is located close by.

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  • ©Eva Hagström
  • ©Anders Alm
  • ©Anders Alm
  • ©Anders Alm
Photo: ©Eva Hagström
Beautiful weather sky

This tapestry, made from wool and flax, is handcrafted on an upright loom. Eva Hagström has created a seascape view that she can observe directly from her studio.

Height 100 cm
Width 70 cm

Photo: ©Anders Alm

The design for this tapestry, handcrafted from wool and flax on an upright loom, was inspired by the memory of a house that no longer exists.

Height 90 cm
Width 75 cm

Photo: ©Anders Alm
Sea and sky streaks

This handwoven quintet is sewn directly on wood with flax and sisal. The thick and knotty structure depicts streaks of sea and sky at the northernmost point of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Height 30 cm
Width 100 cm

Photo: ©Anders Alm
Sea and sky landscape

This tapestry, inspired by imagery of sea and sky, is handcrafted from flax and sisal on a loom. Some areas are made up of a thickly knotty structure, recreating the place where the river meets the sea in Kalix.

Height 100 cm
Width 140 cm

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