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©Anders Beier
©Eva Brandt
©Eva Brandt
©Rasmus Kvist Media
©Jesper Westley

Eva Brandt

  • Ceramicist
  • Rønne, Denmark
  • Master Artisan
Eva Brandt Ceramicist
Danish, English, German
Monday and Friday 11:00 - 15:00
+45 50904100
©Jesper Westley

Playing with elemental forces

  • • Eva works with stoneware and porcelain clays
  • • Nature is a huge source of inspiration to her
  • • Her works are rough and refined at the same time

Eva Brandt’s studio is a meditative sanctuary where she translates her inner experiences and inspirations into form, colour, structure, and pattern. “I coil big stoneware pots, and hand throw smaller items that are mostly for everyday use,” she says, “all with an individual expression: subdued earth colours, sensuous to touch, and with a sense of life or presence. It is like being a creator, playing with elemental forces.” Bornholm, the Danish island where she lives in the middle of the Baltic Sea, influences much of her work. “I am very much inspired by the nature around me. Worn and weathered surfaces, all kinds of powerful forms, water, plants, layered slopes at sea, rocks, and subtle atmospheres in the woods, by a stream…”

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  • ©Anders Beier
  • ©Anders Beier
  • ©Eva Brandt
  • ©Anders Beier
  • ©Torben Villumsen
Photo: ©Anders Beier

This delicate tea bowl has been hand thrown from porcelain clay. The tea bowl is adorned with an inlaid slip decoration and thin layers of glazes. Eva Brandt drew her inspiration for the piece from looking at old sea corals.

Height 9 cm

Photo: ©Anders Beier
Sea Fungi

These coiled stoneware vessels have been slightly tilted to form a group. The exterior of the hand built vessels has been incised with patterns accentuated with white slip and oxides, creating motifs inspired by imagery of sea life. The surface is matt white with dark metallic patterns.

Height 40 cm

Photo: ©Eva Brandt
Lines in Chalk

This large jar with a small opening has been coiled from stoneware clay. Eva Brandt drew her inspiration for the hand built vessel, with subdued calm colours, from chalk cliffs and fossils by the sea close to her home. She likes the living character of the surface, arising from the way the pot is built and treated. The exterior of the jar has been incised with patterns, brushed with oxides and white slips.

Height 40 cm

Photo: ©Anders Beier

This coiled tea bowl is made from two very different materials, pure unglazed porcelain and a very coarse stoneware clay. Eva Brandt’s inspiration for the piece comes from seeing the mouth of a glacier. The melted ice brings small rocks with it, they sink and above is the pure ice.

Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Torben Villumsen
White Fossil

The entire exterior surface of this ‘moon jar’ is incised with patterns, some that resemble small creatures from the sea. Some darker clouds can be seen where the layer of oxides is thicker. Eva Brandt drew her inspiration for the piece from her observations of fossils and chalk deposits.

Height 38 cm

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