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Valerio Di Filippo © Nomade Boards
Franco Caimi © Nomade Boards
Valerio Di Filippo © Nomade Boards
Valerio Di Filippo © Nomade Boards

Eugenio Celli

  • No-Made Boards
  • Boardmaker
  • Basciano, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Eugenio Celli Boardmaker
Italian, English, Spanish
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00
+39 3277925773
Valerio Di Filippo © Nomade Boards

Riding waves

  • • Eugenio learned his craft through experimentation
  • • He is inspired by the waves of the Adriatic coast
  • • His first surfboard commission was a wedding present

His native Abruzzo and the Adriatic coast may not be associated with big waves, however it did not prevent Eugenio Celli from falling in love with surfing. He built his first surfboard in 2012, after a trip to Australia. He then decided to leave a job in marketing and transform surfing and carpentry, his two passions into a way of making a living, becoming a full-time shaper. Using wood instead of foam, Eugenio handcrafts surfboards that are sustainable and last over time. He favours a retro design inspired by the 50s to the 70s, the aesthetic and finishing of his surfboards are guided by pieces of furniture and the traditional process of making wooden boats. His workshop is located inside a quarry, where you can often spot him manoeuvering an excavator.

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  • Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
  • Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
  • Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
  • Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
  • Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
Photo: Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
Avocado Sartorial

A board made for intermediate and expert surfers. The outline is inspired by the egg boards, together with a soft rokerline, make this board handy and versatile even in less powerful waves. The volume is distributed evenly over the entire table to make it as compact as possible. The rails are 60/40 soft in the central area with sharp-edged transition in the area of the fins, to guarantee manoeuverability.

Length 168 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
Kombu Sartorial

Kombu is a mini classic longboard, a good size compromise for those who approach the way of long but is accustomed to a more dynamic surf style. The volume is distributed throughout the table in a homogeneous way, rails are 60/40 and the hull has a light V on stern. These features, combined with a single fin, make it really easy to surf.

Length 244 cm
Width 56 cm
Height 7 cm

Photo: Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
Okumè Tula Cruiser

The Okumè cruiser is the classic! Shaped from solid African okumè, it is made to carve, shred and cruise. This board is handcrafted to turn any sidewalk into the best part of your day.

Length 71 cm
Width 23 cm
Length 63.5 cm

Photo: Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards
Pin Log Blu Longboard

The Perfect Ride! Pinlog carves incredibly well and is our biggest board for cross stepping footwork. Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders but can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to experience surfing finest sensations.

Length 152.4 cm
Width 33 cm
Length 101.6 cm

Photo: Marco Divitini © Nomade Boards

Langre is our retro-inspired fish. A quick and easy shape suitable for intermediate and expert surfers. Parallel outline and slightly accentuated rokerline make this board extremely fast and easy to take off, the 60/40 boxy rails with wire at the stern make it manoeuvrable and stable in the steepest sections of the wave. Like all Fish twins, this board prefers a retro-inspired surfing style, with wide curves on the face of the wave.

Length 170 cm
Width 54 cm
Height 7 cm

Enjoy an experience with Eugenio Celli

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