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©Manu Crotti
©Manu Crotti
©Manu Crotti
©Manu Crotti

Emanuela Crotti

  • Resin worker
  • Crema, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Emanuela Crotti Resin worker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 037385918
©Manu Crotti

Assembling beauty

  • • Emanuela works with resin combined with various materials
  • • Her work is emotional and poetic, focusing on experiences and memories
  • • She has a strong connection with nature and is deeply concerned about the environment

There is something stirring, painful even, in Emanuela Crotti’s works. They are beautiful and at the same time sometimes difficult to look at. This difficulty might be because of the complexity of her technique, because of the several layers and patterns which she somehow manages to put together, but most likely, they are hard to look at because they are full of life, and life is hard, beautiful, but hard. Emanuela Crotti’s journey in the art world begun with painting, exhibiting in Paris at 16 and winning prizes at 18. She followed different artistic currents – figurative, abstract, minimalism, zen – but its only with her latest works, where resins meet photography, graphics and material collages, that she feels she has actually found her style.

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  • ©Manu Crotti
  • ©Manu Crotti
  • ©Manu Crotti
  • ©Manu Crotti
  • ©Manu Crotti
Photo: ©Manu Crotti
Gold and Turquoise table

This elegant circular table has been created with brass rope, stones and epoxy resin applied by hand. The objects inserted in the resin take up the shades of turquoise and gold.

Height 80 cm
Diameter 130 cm

Photo: ©Manu Crotti
The Bath of the Putti table

This circular table is decorated with a mandala – a geometric configuration of symbols – incorporating putti, Ginkgo Biloba leaves, stabilised moss, animals and pearls incorporated in epoxy resin applied by hand. The base of the table is in green enamelled metal.

Height 78 cm
Diameter 130 cm

Photo: ©Manu Crotti
Ode to Slowness cabinet

This striking cabinet is made up of hundreds of snail shells inserted in epoxy resin applied by hand, with elements in gold and brass. The vintage handles are shaped as a pheasant. Inside there is an infinity mirror.

Length 120 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 180 cm

Photo: ©Manu Crotti
The Heron table

This coffee table has been modelled on the theme of a heron, it is decorated with a mandala – a geometric configuration of symbols – of insects, pansies, daisies and bees in gilded metal incorporated in epoxy resin applied by hand. The vintage 1950s base is in golden stucco and stabilised moss.

Height 62 cm
Diameter 55 cm

Photo: ©Manu Crotti
The Sacred Doing cabinet

This cabinet, a truly unique piece, is composed of Murano glass chandelier components, with leaves, butterflies, insects and branches inserted in epoxy resin and applied by hand. At the termination of the arms of the chandelier there are six blown glass hands packaged at the artist's request. Inside there is an infinity mirror.

Length 115 cm
Width 55 cm
Height 175 cm

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