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©Simon Bruntnell

Elliot Walker

  • Glassblower
  • Wordsley, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Elliot Walker Glassblower

Blown away by glass

  • • Elliot has a bachelor's in psychology from Bangor University
  • • He is a winner of the second season of the Netflix hit show, Blown Away
  • • He has mastered a rare technique called massello

If the world of crafts had its celebrities like the entertainment industry, Elliot Walker would be that person. Netflix has a glassblowing show called Blown Away and he won it going through 10 intense episodes. But it’s the only parallel with Hollywood to make here, the glassblowing is not like partying in Los Angeles, it takes years of theory and practice as well as a meticulous understanding of the craft and precise execution. Elliot has all that, along with charisma and endless energy to go further, achieve more, and create better. His objects are pure glass magic, masterful, witty, and slick. Elliot is one of the most important new glass artists in the UK, a rising star that uses his media platform to promote the craft and inspire new generations of artisans.

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  • ©Simon Bruntnell
  • ©Simon Bruntnell
  • ©Simon Bruntnell
  • ©Simon Bruntnell
  • ©Simon Bruntnell
Photo: ©Simon Bruntnell
Still Life with Pineapple

A still life blue glass centrepiece consisting of hand blown and sculpted fruits set within a large, footed glass dish. Various elements are bisected by diamond cutting and polishing to reveal segmented orange interiors.

Length 40 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 51 cm

Photo: ©Simon Bruntnell
Still Life with Shrimp

Still Life with Shrimp is an offhand blown, clear glass goblet containing a hot sculpted dichroic glass shrimp with acrylic antennae, set atop a polished cement and MDF base.

Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 42 cm

Photo: ©Simon Bruntnell
Still Life with Lemons

A blown and sculpted glass still life comprising of black glass objects including a jug, drinking glass, bowel, multiple fruits and a knife. Various elements are bisected through diamond cutting and polishing to reveal segmented lemon-yellow interiors.

Length 30 cm
Width 42 cm
Height 32 cm

Photo: ©Simon Bruntnell
Fish Pump

Fish Pump is a large blue blown glass fish tail, highly mirrored, connected to a depressed black glass hand pump by a silicone rubber hose with a steel fitting.

Length 45 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 25 cm

Photo: ©Simon Bruntnell
Turf, Harvest

Turf, Harvest is a clear glass still life sculpture comprising of a jug, glass and 3 corn cobs, set atop a cement base with a dichroic glass top.

Length 60 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 40 cm

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