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© Anna Samoilova
© Anna Samoilova
© Olga Kakarina
© Anna Samoilova
© Anna Samoilova

Egor & Anna Samoilov

Egor & Anna Samoilov Woodworker
Russian, English
By appointment only
+7 9021853747
© Vlad Sidorov

A second life

  • • Anna and Egor are self-taught artisans
  • • Their first studio was in a garage
  • • They master varied techniques

Anna and Egor Samoilov are a married couple that feels very strongly about the environment. They are self-taught woodworkers with principles. S.L.O.W. HOME studio officially started its operation on June 21st, 2015. Anna and Egor started with wood but continued to get familiar with new materials and they learned new techniques. Anna also makes linocut prints on textiles now, using her own sketches to cut out linoleum stamps. The couple also uses concrete to create charming household items. “We believe that every object goes on a journey and we love to watch it transform and then be chosen by people for their homes. That’s how we know its story continues”, they say.

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  • © Anna Samoilova
  • © Anna Samoilova
  • © Anna Samoilova
Photo: © Anna Samoilova
Dishes Fallen Wood

This series of dishes and kitchen tools were turned on the lathe in various materials such as elm, ash, birch or maple. They were processed with natural linseed oil and are thus suitable for food. Patterns and ornaments are created with firing or homemade water-based stain.

Photo: © Anna Samoilova
Fallen Tree Scoops

These elegant measuring scoops were carved on a lathe from raw Elm wood. They were then dried, hand cut and covered in linseed oil. They were inspired by old, traditional measuring spoons that were long being used to accurately measure cooking ingredients.

Length 12 cm

Photo: © Anna Samoilova
Succulents Concrete Pots

These decorative plant pots were handcrafted in concrete. They were inspired by urban pots and designed to bring both city and nature into the home.

Circumference 8 cm
Height 5.5 cm
Depth 4.8 cm

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