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©Janek Marga
©Eeva Käsper
©Janek Marga
©Eeva Käsper
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Eeva Käsper

Eeva Käsper Glass sculptor
Estonian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+372 55606132
©Janek Marga

Glass origami

  • • Eeva has a great eye for detail
  • • She uses phenomenological methods
  • • Her pieces have received several international awards

From structural glass forms to forms in flux, Eeva Käsper's works derive from memories, personal experiences, conscience and perceptions. Eeva found her true passion for glass during her first-year studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts that also led her to go on and later teach at the very same academy. In 2009 Eeva set up Klaasiklubi and later her very own studio in 2018. Just like her business name Serene, her professional life is clear yet calm. Her studio was built to reflect the idea of serenity with careful planning, large windows to overlook the beautiful southern Estonian fields. Eeva's work and spirit live in this unique studio alongside the ever-changing colourful seasons. She has exhibited her work in over 80 exhibitions across Europe, Russia, Turkey, and Korea. Besides this, she has won several awards locally and abroad.

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  • ©Mardo Männimägi
  • ©Serhat Ozdemir
  • ©Eeva Käsper
Photo: ©Mardo Männimägi
Enclosed Secret

Sculpture made of purple, violet and transparent glass. The model for the sculpture is made with the origami technique of paperfolding, transformed into a plaster mould. It is then filled with glass and fused in kiln at 830°C. Transformations of coloured glass and deep relief surface offer the viewer unexpected perceptions of space.

Length 28 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 11 cm

Photo: ©Serhat Ozdemir

Blue-grey glass sculpture with origami shaped surface. Combining paper folding and glass gives a new dimension and unexpected perceptions of inner space to the viewer.

Diameter 23 cm

Photo: ©Eeva Käsper
On the Other Side

Disc-shaped colourless glass sculpture. The edge of the inner opening is bordered by origami relief. The semi-transparency of the object brings unexpected light effects.

Diameter 34 cm

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