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Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
©Doriana Usai
Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
©Doriana Usai
©Doriana Usai

Doriana Usai

Doriana Usai Ceramicist
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 070941791
Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi

Embroidered ceramics

  • • Doriana is the fifth generation of her family to make Sardinian pottery
  • • She is very skilled at the potter’s wheel
  • • Sardinian identity is her main inspiration

A highly skilled ceramicist, Doriana Usai runs her workshop in Assemini, a centre for renowned pottery production in Sardinia. Her family has made history of this craft for at least five generations. She attended prestigious courses in Faenza, Montelupo Fiorentino, Deruta and graduated in design before returning to her hometown. An experienced potter, she is one of the very few women pursuing this craft. She is very proud to have won the World Championship of wheel turning. Doriana blends Sardinian traditional techniques and patterns, family craftsmanship and her personal vision, creating sophisticated objects, such as home furnishings, jugs, lamps, vases, jewellery, centrepieces. Her production stands out for original elegance, while enhancing Sardinian identity.

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  • ©Doriana Usai
  • ©Doriana Usai
  • Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
  • Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
  • Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
Photo: ©Doriana Usai
Centerpiece with golden curl

Handcrafted on the potter’s wheel, following the ancient know-how of Sardinian ceramicists, then deformed and delicately decorated with metal, this centrepiece was made by Doriana in Assemini. The combination of white and light gold is particularly elegant and somehow seems to be out of time, contemporary and archaic, Sardinian and universal all at the same time. Its essential style makes it perfect for any interior design.

Diameter 38 cm

Photo: ©Doriana Usai
Red passion

Handcrafted on the potter’s wheel and then enamelled in red, this globe is finished with an application of liquid gold by brush, then baked for the third time at 700°C. The bowl is part of the series “Qualcosa di incredibile attende di essere conosciuto” (something incredible awaits to be known). The whole series evokes cork, one of the Sardinian typical natural treasure, in modern shaped creations. The link between Doriana’s creations and her region is deep and strong.

Height 38 cm
Diameter 35 cm

Photo: Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
Vaso Bottone vase

Part of the series “Linea cotto e rilievo”, this vase is handcrafted on the potter’s wheel. It’s a tribute to the Sardinian folk costumes, with their lavish details. Its shape is reminiscent of a gold or bronze button (often realised in filigree), while black is the colour of the jackets worn by Sardinian people during their festivals. It’s covered with a black matt enamel and decorated with a white enamel relief embroidery on the lower band.

Height 24 cm
Diameter 25 cm

Photo: Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
White relief bottles

These bottles are handcrafted on the potter’s wheel and then adorned with relief decorations in white enamel. The motifs of the white surface “embroidery” are inspired by the typical Sardinian pastry-making garnishes. Among various abstract embellishes, the so-called “pavoncella sarda” (Sardinian small peacock) stands out as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. They’re part of the series “Linea cotto e rilievo”.

Height 15 cm
Width 7 cm
Height 30 cm
Width 13 cm

Photo: Pierluigi Dessì©Confinivisivi
Brocca della sposa

One of the most ancient creations of the Assemini ceramic tradition, the Brocca della Sposa (Bride’s Pitcher) has been part of the wedding trousseau for centuries. The bride is traditionally given the pitcher on her wedding day: the flowers and pavoncelle (small peacocks) adorning it symbolise her beauty and purity. Also, the richer it is, the wealthier the bride’s family is. Every piece is unique. This Brocca is handcrafted on the potter’s wheel, then the hand shaped decorations are applied on it and finally it is glazed with oxides.

Height 50 cm
Width 28 cm

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