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©Bertrand Berhin
©Bertrand Berhin
©Bertrand Berhin
©Bertrand Berhin
©Bertrand Berhin

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck

  • Dv Concept
  • Stone sculptor
  • Arlon, Belgium
  • Rising Star
Dorian Vanhorenbeeck Stone sculptor
French, English
By appointment only
+32 495994394
©Bertrand Berhin

The future of stone sculpture

  • • Dorian combines classic and digital techniques
  • • He is often inspired by nature and mythology
  • • Working sustainably is an important goal for him

Young stone sculptor Dorian Vanhorenbeeck studied and worked in more than five countries. He received training in traditional carving by hand, but also acquired expertise in digital creation with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. “The profession of stone sculptor has evolved throughout the centuries, always integrating new techniques,” says Dorian. “We must use innovative technology as a bridge to new possibilities.” By harnessing the power of machine learning and algorithms, he not only explores new horizons, but also works more efficiently and sustainably. “By optimising your working process, you spend less energy and use fewer materials. In the field of stone sculpting, the materials are limited in quantity, and it is important to think of the next generations.”

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  • ©Bertrand Berhin
  • ©Bertrand Berhin
  • ©Bertrand Berhin
  • ©Bertrand Berhin
  • ©Bertrand Berhin
Photo: ©Bertrand Berhin
Grey Feather

This is a feather made of a piece of granite. The sculpture has a golden edge. In parts closer to the centre, the stone is coloured blue with metal alloy paper. The art piece represents the lightness of the soul.

Photo: ©Bertrand Berhin

This is a totem figure made of Belgian bluestone. It is engraved with an ancestral ornamental motif and has a feather headdress. It takes the shape of a bird. This totem figure represents lost civilisations.

Photo: ©Bertrand Berhin
Seed head

This is a simplified head with a plant-like look, made of limestone. Its shape is inspired by sculptures from Antiquity. The head is decorated with many lines and has bluish rock crystals as eyes. With this art piece, Dorian Vanhorenbeeck wants to express that “our thoughts come from nature.”

Photo: ©Bertrand Berhin
Feather sound system

This feather structure is a collaboration with Laurent Rivoire. It is made of green marble and encapsulates sound speakers. This art piece represents the union of (sound) technology and sculptural art.

Photo: ©Bertrand Berhin

This is the bust of an elderly man with a wild expression, smoking a big cigar. It is made from marble from Brazil and bluestone and red marble from Belgium, and decorated with gold and silver leaf patina. The retinas of the figure are made of crystals. This elderly man personifies our ancestors, our past.

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