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©Catherine Falls
©Catherine Falls
©Catherine Falls
©Catherine Falls
©Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson

  • Ceramicist
  • Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Derek Wilson Ceramicist
©Tim Millen

Vessels or sculptures?

  • • Derek walks the line between functionality and artwork
  • • His work is anchored in simplicity and repetition
  • • Architecture and construction inspire his designs

Derek Wilson established his studio in 2008 after graduating from Ulster University. He describes himself as a 21st century hybrid, part studio potter and part conceptual artist. His work centres around the potter’s wheel as a tool, however the finished product resulting from this traditional craft is contemporary abstract sculpture. This balance is echoed throughout Derek's work as he creates functionality within unconventional forms. By keeping the interiors of his works glazed, the potential of function exists, even if the forms speak more to artworks. His pieces are characterised by restraint, containment and subtle surface treatments. They are often fired up to five times to get the correct finish, bringing out the best of light and shadow.

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  • ©Derek Wilson
  • ©Derek Wilson
  • ©Derek Wilson
  • ©Derek Wilson
Photo: ©Derek Wilson

This is a free-standing sculptural form with white engobe surface. The piece is made up of a number of different hand thrown forms assembled as one. Familiar elements from utilitarian objects are visible within the abstract form.

Length 45 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 29 cm

Photo: ©Derek Wilson
Constructed vessels and wall assemblage

Here are three of Derek's constructed vessels in light tones of blue/grey, white and green. On the wall above is a grey tone wall piece constructed from multiple parts.

Diameter 24 cm

Photo: ©Derek Wilson
Constructed vessels

These two abstract vessels are in off-white tones, one is pale grey and the other is a sand colour. The vessels are made of multiple elements which have been assembled into one body.

Diameter 15 cm
Diameter 23 cm

Photo: ©Derek Wilson
Wall assemblages

Here are two abstract wall pieces, square in their overall shape and made in grey tones. The forms are made of multiple elements which have been assembled into one whole.

Length 28 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 11 cm
Length 28 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 12 cm

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