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©Denis Di Luca
©Denis Di Luca
©Denis Di Luca
©Denis Di Luca
©Denis Di Luca

Denis Di Luca

  • Ceramicist
  • Urbino, Italy
  • Rising Star
Denis Di Luca Ceramicist
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3314075323
©Denis Di Luca

A passion for raku

  • • Denis is a young raku master
  • • He built his firing kiln himself
  • • Every piece he makes is unrepeatable

Denis Di Luca is in his early thirties, and his expertise in ceramics is already considerable. He was only 18 and a freshman at the Faculty of Industrial Design when he discovered raku, the ancient Japanese technique used for tea ceremony pottery, and fell in love with it. "Raku firing consists in removing the fired piece from the kiln and cooling it quickly, thus producing a cracked effect that is both unpredictable and unrepeatable," he explains. Determined to turn his passion for ceramics into his profession, Denis spent four years in the UK, where he began to sell his pieces – decorative objects and sculptures, as well as functional items – at local markets. Eventually he moved back to Urbino, his hometown, and in 2020 opened his studio, equipped with a raku kiln that he built himself.

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  • ©Denis Di Luca
  • ©Denis Di Luca
  • ©Denis Di Luca
  • ©Denis Di Luca
  • ©Denis Di Luca
Photo: ©Denis Di Luca
Bowl L

This decorative ceramic bowl is made with two raku techniques: traditional raku for the inside, which is shiny and characterised by a cracked raku turquoise glaze, and naked raku for the outside, which is matt and not glazed, for a natural look.

Height 18 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: ©Denis Di Luca
Bowl M

This decorative bowl is characterised by simple lines and a beautiful bottle-green glaze. The variation in colours is obtained by reduction and oxidation.

Height 15 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: ©Denis Di Luca

Here is a domino set with 28 pieces, handmade one by one and raku fired. The oak box is handcrafted in the UK by a partner artisan.

Length 25 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 8 cm

Photo: ©Denis Di Luca
Elevation S

These decorative ceramic sculptures are made with the raku dolce technique. The piece is created by a press mould technique and then finished by hand to give a smooth touch. The colours are obtained combining three different types of terra sigillata. Different patterns on each side of the sculpture make it unique.

Length 20 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 55 cm

Photo: ©Denis Di Luca
Cutvases S, M, L

These decorative tea lights are made with the raku dolce technique. They are made by press mould and then finished on the wheel for a smooth touch. Three layers of terra sigillata are applied for a shiny look. The orange and white colours are obtained with terra sigillata made of local clay. A raku medium-size-crackle glaze is applied inside the object to create a contrast with the exterior of each vessel.

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