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Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke
Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke
Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke
Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke

Dave van Wijngaarden

  • Smederij Atelier Alkmaar
  • Blacksmith
  • Alkmaar, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Dave van Wijngaarden Blacksmith
Dutch, English
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
+31 722029010
Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke

Forging a life

  • • Dave combines ancient tradition with innovation
  • • Learning is a touchstone for his success
  • • Honour and ceremony are infused in his craft

The idea to forge a traditional Japanese sword for the first time sparked a 20-year-old journey for master blacksmith, Dave van Wijngaarden. Melding creative passion with craftsmanship and forging has resulted in the rediscovery not only of ‘forgotten’ techniques but of his ancestry. He learned that both his grandfather and great-grandfather were blacksmiths at the harbour of Rotterdam. “I recently discovered that my great-great grandfather was a Norwegian weaponsmith.” The drive to craft metal is etched in his DNA. Magnificent knives and swords are forged from various types of steel, such as a unique sword inspired by the Norse god Odin, Katanas, Persian swords, as well as a more utilitarian range of kitchen knives.

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  • ©Smederij Atelier Alkmaar
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©Smederij Atelier Alkmaar
  • Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke
Photo: ©Smederij Atelier Alkmaar
Bouquet Daalder

This hand forged sculptural iron bouquet was commissioned by the municipality of Alkmaar in the Netherlands for the opening of a library. Dave Van Wijngaarden suggested a community art project, where locals were asked to come and forge a flower. These were arranged to form a Jugendstil inspired bouquet, which was then placed by the entrance of the building.

Height 250 cm
Width 100 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Kitchen knife (Demi-chef)

Dave Van Wijngaarden takes particular pride in the fact that the stainless Damascus steel used to make this demi-chef kitchen knife is made in his forge, a highly technical process that is difficult to consistently execute. This is an example of an ancient tradition being innovatively updated for contemporary times.

Length 23 cm
Width 12.5 cm

Photo: ©Smederij Atelier Alkmaar
Mirrored dual entrance

This hand forged iron entrance gate was commissioned by one of Dave Van Wijngaarden's clients. The design for the gate is inspired by the European Jugendstil movement. The custom design had to receive governmental approval since the building where the gates are installed is a National Monument right in the city centre of Alkmaar.

Height 220 cm
Width 120 cm

Photo: Smederij Atelier Alkmaar©Jef Bracke
Sword for Jiří Kylián

The sword was commissioned by Jiří Kylián, master choreographer, dancer and director of the Dutch Dance theatre for 25 years. The sword was commissioned for the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Kylián at the Académie des Beaux Arts, where members are expected to enter with a sword to defend the arts. At this ceremony, the sword was handed to Mr. Kylián by the Princess of Hannover Caroline of Monaco. On the request of Mr. Kylián the handle is modelled on a 5300-year-old sculpture of a dancer, one of the oldest statues of a dancer known to man.

Length 19 cm

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