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© Luka Pičuljan
© Luka Pičuljan
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Danijela Pičuljan

  • Ceramicist
  • Nedelišće, Croatia
  • Master Artisan
Danijela Pičuljan Ceramicist
Croatian, English
By appointment only
+385 915966086
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From programming to ceramics

  • • Danijela takes an experimental approach to traditional techniques
  • • Nature and travelling are sources of inspiration
  • • Her workshop is open to anyone interested in ceramics

Danijela Pičuljan grew up in a family of artists. Her grandfather was a musician, and her brother a painter. She used to spend a lot of time around their studios as a child but eventually studied to become a programmer. Later on in her life something shifted. “I remember when, at the age of 28, I asked myself, who am I and what do I want to do in life? At that time, I was already married and the mother of two lively little boys and dealing with them took up all my time. I had a great need to start doing something creative again, and at the urging of a friend I enrolled in a ceramics school. It was love at first sight! That's where I finally found myself.”

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  • © Srećko Budek
  • © Srećko Budek
  • © Srećko Budek
  • © Srećko Budek
  • © Vedran Hunjek
Photo: © Srećko Budek
Leafing No. 3

This solid round ceramic form, whose surface resembles stone, is made from white chamotte clay. A prickly mass of white porcelain mixed with fibreglass surrounds an opening in the centre and springs towards the middle of the opening. The mixture of porcelain and fibreglass seems to protect the sculpture's interior.

Length 31 cm
Width 15 cm

Photo: © Srećko Budek
Leafing No. 4

The form of this chamotte clay sculpture, part of Danijela Pičuljan’s Leafing series, has been shaped like a cracked eggshell. Danijela plays with material and colour, contrasting light pink porcelain against a strong surface structure which erupts into a prickly mass of porcelain mixed with fibreglass. The piece is a reflection on the fragility of our interior, our soul.

Height 20 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Srećko Budek
Leafing (The Soul) No. 5

Through her Leafing series, Danijela Pičuljan reflects on our essential need for safety and the metaphorical walls built up by individuals to protect themselves. The form of this ceramic sculpture is organic and rounded, like white stone. Danijela adds warm wool to the spaces between the layers of hard ceramic to emphasise what she firmly believes in: that behind these shells is the warmth and tenderness of the soul.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 35 cm

Photo: © Srećko Budek
Absence No. 1 – composition

Absence is composed of three chamotte clay elements reinforced with fibreglass and porcelain. The fragile, cellular structure illustrates the endless complexity of interiors. The outer blue crust with deep cracks was achieved using the kohiki technique.

Diameter 34 cm
Diameter 26 cm
Width 7 cm

Photo: © Vedran Hunjek
In The Balance

This white chamotte clay sculpture is reminiscent of round pupae. It gives the impression of exceptional fragility through its thin, layered, cobwebby surface. It was made by fusing fibreglass with liquid white porcelain through a lengthy process of repeated gluing and firings.

Length 30 cm
Width 20 cm

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