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Gianluca Concialdi©Stamperia Nancy Granata
©Giusy Lo Grasso
©Giusy Lo Grasso
©Giusy Lo Grasso

Daniela Nancy Granata

Daniela Nancy Granata Printmaker
Italian, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+39 3489273762
©Giusy Lo Grasso

Translating artists work

  • • Daniela’s mother was also an artisan
  • • She studied Fine Arts in Palermo and Seville
  • • Her workshop is located at Palazzo Speciale Raffadali

Daniela Nancy Granata is a young printmaker who runs her workshop in the old stables of an ancient palace in Palermo, Palazzo Speciale Raffadali. Her printing workshop, established in 2016, specialises in engraving techniques and intaglio printing. Daniela produces editions of graphic works from different Sicilian artists: her aim is to guarantee the authenticity of the process through the participation of the authors in the printing process. I love to interact, work and collaborate with artists", she says, "their uniqueness makes my job never repetitive but always a daily investigation. For her, "being a printmaker requires a great aptitude to effort and patience, elements which go hand-in-hand with the handcrafted essence of this profession."

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  • Michele Tiberio©Manuel Cassetti
  • Vito Stassi©Adriano La Licata
  • Genuardi Ruta©Adriano La Licata
  • Gianfranco Maranto©Giusy Lo Grasso
  • Gianfranco Maranto©Adriano La Licata
Photo: Michele Tiberio©Manuel Cassetti
Michele Tiberio

This original print forms part of the series of 12 monotypes "In frantumi ne guardo i pezzi” produced by the artist on the occasion of Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo 2019. With the monotype technique the image is painted directly on a non-absorbent surface, then transferred to paper in the press in a unique print. In this series the artist experiences the impression of materials such as concrete, copper oxyde and brass powder rather than the usual oil-based inks.

Height 50 cm
Width 35 cm

Photo: Vito Stassi©Adriano La Licata
Vito Stassi

This work, printed in edition of 10 on Hahnemühle paper, was shown at the exhibition Signal curated by Stamperia Nancy Granata. Using the aquatint, the printmaker reproduces on the matrix the digitised image of an archaeological subject, around which he engraves with the direct technique of drypoint, minimal and mysterious graphic elements.

Height 70 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: Genuardi Ruta©Adriano La Licata

In this work for the first time the artistic duo ventures into printmaking, opting for the aquatint etching to create a series of 3 works in edition of 5. Accustomed to working with environmental dimensions, here they reflect on the spatial relations inherent in the more restrained paper format and on the surface and colour quality that a crafted printing process can offer.

Height 40 cm
Width 60 cm

Photo: Gianfranco Maranto©Giusy Lo Grasso
Gianfranco Maranto

This unique piece is part of a series of experiments made by the artist with the printmaker with collagraph, a printmaking process that involves the application of printable materials on the matrix. He drew a geometric composition with duct tape onto an aquatint background. The result is a silver colour print.

Height 40 cm
Width 20 cm

Photo: Gianfranco Maranto©Adriano La Licata
Gianfranco Maranto

In this unique piece made with the collagraph technique, the artist rather than engraving the matrix, modulates its surface with multiple layers of duct tape. The responsiveness of the Graphia Sicilian paper, no longer manufactured, ensures that every detail of the textured surface can be perceived on the print.

Height 50 cm
Width 35 cm

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