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©Jon Mogard
©Jon Mogard
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©Daniel Ankarstrand

Daniel Ankarstrand

  • Leatherworker
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Rising Star
Daniel Ankarstrand Leatherworker
Swedish, English
By appointment only
+46 707632361
©Jon Mogard

Master of simple skills

  • • Daniel works with a pure by-product from the fish industry
  • • He combines the elegance of salmon leather with minimalistic design
  • • He loves the simplicity of products

Daniel Ankarstrand is a craftsman and the owner of Kristian Eddé. The brand stands out for its products made of durable salmon leather with Scandinavian minimalist design. His career was however not always this clear. He spent years as a family therapist, and it was only after his mother-in-law bought him an unattractive iPad cover that the fashion-conscious craftsman resolved to make a better one himself. He uses salmon skins, a waste product from the Norwegian fishing industry, as a form of leather. Not only does this satisfy his aesthetic calling, but it is also environmentally conscious. Rather than considering salmon skin to be a substitute for luxury leather, Daniel is adamant that it is far more luxurious and exotic.

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  • ©Daniel Ankarstrand
  • ©Daniel Ankarstrand
  • ©Daniel Ankarstrand
  • ©Daniel Ankarstrand
  • ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Photo: ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Byfold card holder

The Byfold card holder is made in Scandinavian salmon leather. This colour, described as Himalayan, follows the natural shade of the salmon which is lightly coloured on the stomach and becomes darker on the back. It is a simplistic design that lets the leather speak for itself.

Length 10 cm
Width 7.5 cm

Photo: ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Salmon clutch bag

The salmon clutch bag has a removable wrist strap and a fish shaped lucky charm. The clutch is made of four salmon skins that are stitched as a panel. The button is also dressed in the salmon leather to give the clutch an elegant and understated look.

Length 19 cm
Width 3.5 cm
Height 10.5 cm

Photo: ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Round the Neck zipper wallet

The oversized curve makes this traditional zipper wallet more playful. And with the fish lucky charm Daniel sees it both as a wallet and as a necklace.

Length 13 cm
Height 9.5 cm

Photo: ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Round the Neck zipper wallet

This zipper wallet is made of a playful pink goat leather, and it is combined with the lucky charm in the salmon leather.

Length 13 cm
Height 9.5 cm

Photo: ©Daniel Ankarstrand
Salmon bum bag

The bum bag captures the shape of an underwater predator and combines the soft turned edge on the top with a long painted edge at the bottom to get a more aggressive but still elegant look.

Length 34 cm
Height 15 cm

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