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©Conceição Neves
©Conceição Neves

Conceição Neves

  • Jewellery maker
  • Jovim-Gondomar, Portugal
  • Master Artisan
Conceição Neves Jewellery maker
By appointment only
+351 938443808

Filigree in the family

  • • Conceição learned the art of filigree from her mother
  • • She is passionate about twisting gold threads into lace-like patterns
  • • She is striving to keep her endangered craft alive

Conceição Neves has been connected to Portuguese traditional filigree jewellery since birth. She grew up observing her mother, a filigree jeweller, trying to repeat her precise gestures. “I made my first public demonstration when I was eight”. Even when Conceição took on a more financially-viable job, she would rush back to filigree after work. “Filigree is my passion; it will be my last word before I die!” In 2008 she finally dedicated herself entirely to the craft and now teaches the technique while making her own filigree jewellery and collaborating with designers such as Christian Louboutin. Traditional filigree became endangered by machine mass produced versions. Conceição’s works shows the incomparable beauty of handmade filigree and why it needs to be kept alive.

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  • © Conceição Neves
  • © Conceição Neves
  • © Conceição Neves
Photo: © Conceição Neves
Fado no Coração Caixa Coracao com Alfinete

This heart-shaped pendant was also designed as a small box. It was fully handcrafted from the finest sterling silver, using the filigree technique. Its intricate swirl design gives the jewellery a sophisticated and mysterious edge.

Length 7.5 cm
Width 7.5 cm
Height 2.3 cm
Diameter 7.5 cm

Photo: © Conceição Neves

This intricate pendant was handcrafted from the finest sterling silver using the filigree technique. At the centre of the star-fish design, Conceição Neves has placed a magnificent deep blue zirconia stone.

Length 8.5 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Height 2 cm
Diameter 8.5 cm

Photo: © Conceição Neves
Ovo estilo Fabergé

This Fabergé egg was entirely handcrafted from the finest sterling silver and adorned with 18k gold plate. The decorative object features an intricate design achieved with the filigree technique.

Length 14.5 cm
Width 9 cm
Height 14.5 cm
Diameter 9 cm

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