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© Woche jewelry
© Woche jewelry
©Jose Huedo for Maiwe
© Woche jewelry
© Ligia Poplawska

Clarisse Bruynbroeck

Clarisse Bruynbroeck Jewellery maker
Dutch, English
By appointment only
+32 474620075
© Ligia Poplawska

The human touch

  • • Clarisse highlights imperfections in her work
  • • She uses traditional techniques in an unusual manner
  • • She keeps her production as local as possible

Clarisse Bruynbroeck has been passionate about art and architecture since she was a child. A growing fascination for daily objects and the human body led her to study art jewellery design. The influence of fine art, design and architecture has always remained very important for her work. Clarisse uses traditional techniques in her own personal way. She also likes to accentuate the simplicity of daily life in her objects, which she does by leaving visible marks of the techniques she uses, like that of the blow of a hammer or of a soldering point. “I don’t aim for perfection at all, imperfections for me actually have an added value. I want to highlight the human touch in my work.” Clarisse founded her studio Woche, in Antwerp, in 2016.

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  • © Ligia Poplawska
  • © Ligia Poplawska
  • © Frederik Vercruysse
  • © Stefanie De Neve
  • © Stefanie De Neve
Photo: © Ligia Poplawska

Organic shaped bracelets and rings made of 3mm and 5mm half-round silver wire. The half-round surface is overpolished, thus giving it a wavy shape. Engraved with different quotes.

Photo: © Ligia Poplawska
R13-5-S (collection When WOCHE meets GRAANMARKT13)

Organic shaped ring made of 5mm half-round silver wire. The half-round ring is overpolished, thus giving it a wavy surface. Engraved with the quote “He saw her”.

Photo: © Frederik Vercruysse

Ring made of 925 silver round wire 3mm, with visible welding point. The welding point is roughly filed, but not further finished, so that the final result offers a glimpse of the making process.

Photo: © Stefanie De Neve

Silver necklace with pendant made out of 2 irregularly hammered rings of brass and silver. Both have a diameter of about 10mm.

Photo: © Stefanie De Neve

Silver necklace with both a silver and brass medallion pendant.The silver medallion is round, hammered, diameter 5mm. The brass medallion is oval, irregular, hammered, approximately 10mm high.

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