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©David Pereira
©Claire Fréchet
©David Pereira
©Audrey Wnent
©David Pereira

Claire Fréchet

Claire Fréchet Ceramicist
French, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+33 616993306
©Claire Fréchet

Sculpture formed from the earth

  • • Claire spent four months in Mexico and was mesmerised
  • • She loves all the phases of working with clay
  • • Her art is inspired by the geology around her and that she has visited

Claire Fréchet inhabits a world of her own when she is working – her world is imaginary, it is cosmic, and it is free. A truly imagined universe. Her works combine contrasting reliefs inspired by geology with mineral archetypal forms. She creates shapes, such as spheres, that are tapered or hammered as if they are landscapes unfolding between the shadows. The surface is almost flickering from the use of the oxidised, coated and smoked ceramic material. Her objects have a real sense of age, they appear almost prehistoric. Her experience in Mexico left an indelible mark, which was refined by her later studies in Paris. But the evocative primitive and perceptible touch in every nuance. This makes her pieces unique and unrepeatable, they beautifully mix modern with traditional. A bit like her personality.

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  • ©Claire Fréchet
  • ©David Pereira
  • ©Dominique Cherprenet
Photo: ©Claire Fréchet
Meteor CXI

The play between eroded and polished textures on the exterior of this handcrafted ceramic vase are evocative of a cosmic landscape. This design of the earthenware vase is accentuated with fired minerals used to cover the surface.

Height 11 cm
Diameter 12.5 cm

Photo: ©David Pereira
Spaceberry VII

This earthenware sculpture is a metaphor for the transformation of mineral matters through the smooth dark energy swinging in the universe. Claire Fréchet accentuates the cosmic imagery through the use of glaze, volcanic sand and copper patinas used to decorate the exterior surface of the vessel.

Height 29 cm
Diameter 49 cm

Photo: ©Dominique Cherprenet
Minephore XVII

The form of this earthenware sculpture evokes both the form of an amphora and that of a dress. The design for the ceramic vessel is inspired by a dreamlike journey into marine and mineral worlds. Claire Fréchet uses a combination of glazes, volcanic sand and patinas to accentuate this dream like universe.

Height 63 cm
Diameter 30 cm

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