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©Ksenia Vysotskaya
©Bruno Verrier
©Bruno Verrier
©Cica Gomez Ceramics

Cica Gomez

  • Ceramicist
  • Lyon, France
  • Master Artisan
Cica Gomez Ceramicist
French, English
Wednesday to Saturday 15:00 - 19:00
+33 (0)633773425
©Bruno Verrier

Tied to the earth

  • • Cica creates intriguing glazes with metal oxides
  • • For her sobriety and simplicity mean elegance
  • • Her works mix tradition and innovation

Looking at her studies, one would expect Cica Gomez to be in a courtroom. Instead, her life happily unfolded next to a pottery lathe in her atelier in Lyon. A degree in law and sociology left little room to be creative and tied to the earth. A passion that Cica inherited from her parents, both specialised in the applied arts. Her journey into ceramics began with the creation of small containers. The crucial moment is the "encounter" with the lathe through which brings variety to her pieces and demands precision to form the desired outlines. The colour and decoration of the object is also the result of Cica playing with metal oxides. The final range of colours is very nuanced, modern and discreet.

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  • ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
  • ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
  • ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
  • ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
  • ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Photo: ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Small mazagrans and bottle on a tray

This elegant bottle and two mazagrans cups were hand shaped from porcelain clay and covered with a dark hued satin enamel. The set is presented on a matching sandstone tray.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 6 cm
Height 14 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 5.5 cm
Diameter 5 cm

Photo: ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Bol jaune

This elegant bowl has been hand-shaped from porcelain clay. Cica Gomez has used yellow hued glazes to adorn the vase, playing with varying tonal contrasts of the glaze.

Height 6 cm
Diameter 8 cm

Photo: ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Vase Ciel

Vase Ciel can be used as a vase or a bottle. The form of the elegant blue hued vessel is evocative of the shape of a traditional gourd. Cica Gomez decorated the vessel with a blue hued glaze, playing with varying concentrations of the glaze to create an interplay of light and colour.

Height 22 cm
Diameter 10 cm

Photo: ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Mazagrans aurore boréale et mazagran bleu dégradé noir

These two mazagrans cups are handcrafted from porcelain clay. The finished forms are decorated with various tones of glaze, creating an interplay between light and dark, separated by a rapid change of shade.

Height 9.5 cm
Diameter 9 cm

Photo: ©Cica Gomez Ceramics
Duo de vases sur plateau

This set of handbuilt vases are placed on a thin dark stoneware tray. The dark vessel was handcrafted from stoneware clay and the yellow hued vase, fashioned from porcelain. The pair of vases are decorated with ceramic glaze and fired at 1280°C.

Height 9.5 cm
Diameter 9.5 cm
Height 22 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Length 14 cm
Width 14 cm

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