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©Christopher Cardy
©Christopher Cardy
©Christopher Cardy
©Christopher Cardy
©Christopher Cardy

Chris Cardy

  • Delia Furniture
  • Furniture maker
  • Estella, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Chris Cardy Furniture maker
Spanish, English
By appointment only
+34 695772590
©Christopher Cardy

Inspiration and perspiration

  • • Chris was born in the USA but now lives in Spain
  • • He works with wood, steel, ceramics and glass
  • • He specialises in making bed frames

Chris Cardy was born in a small lake town in Western Michigan, USA. When he was 22 and living in San Francisco, it was a place full of young people doing all kinds of things. In the early 1990s, pre-internet, there was no way for an artisan to sell their work outside of their community. “Several of us artisans grouped up, allowing all our marketing and distribution to be combined,” says Chris. “It worked spectacularly well.” In the 2000s he began to make handmade bed frames and his business thrived. “I had long wanted to open a second studio in Europe and decided the time was at hand.” Chris sold his house and in 2020 set up a new studio in Spain, in Navarra, where he now lives.

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  • ©Christopher Cardy
  • ©Christopher Cardy
  • ©Christopher Cardy
  • ©Christopher Cardy
  • ©Christopher Cardy
Photo: ©Christopher Cardy
Cygnus floor lamp

The Cygnus lamp is crafted from one piece of iroko wood. Two wood braces wing out from either side to create a stable structure. Embedded in a groove along its spine is the black cloth electrical cord from which hangs a fibre pendant shade.

Photo: ©Christopher Cardy
Neolithic Nouveau coffee table

The Neolithic Nouveau coffee table is hand formed from iroko wood. Each of its four legs is intentionally erected in an irregular pattern reminiscent of stone age monuments.

Photo: ©Christopher Cardy
Orion floor lamp

The Orion floor lamp is hand carved from iroko beams. A fibre pendant shade hangs from its extended arm and a black fabric electrical cord runs down its spine cleated by small bits of leather and tiny forged nails.

Photo: ©Christopher Cardy
Neolithic Nouveau bed

The Neolithic Nouveau bed comes in several pieces. There are two side rails of iroko with steel supports, and two uprights of iroko, along with a thick solid singular piece of iroko for the headboard. Beech wood slats support the mattress.

Photo: ©Christopher Cardy
Kanso HiFi station

The Kanso HiFi station is a three-tier storage unit for vinyl, amplifier and turntable. The shelves are each one piece of solid hand shaped iroko wood. The steel structure is welded from solid stock and rod.

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