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©Cairel Atelier
©Cairel Atelier
©Cairel Atelier
©Cairel Atelier

Chencha & Mamen Moreno García

  • Cairel Atelier
  • Lacemaker
  • Lagartera, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Chencha & Mamen Moreno García Lacemaker
By appointment only
+34 667956213
©Cairel Atelier

From Lagartera to the world

  • • Mamen and Chencha learned their trade from their ancestors
  • • They have been photographed by Mario Testino
  • • They seek perfection in their finish

Chencha and Mamen Moreno García are two sisters who are dedicated to the continuation of traditional costumes from Lagartera – a Spanish municipality and town in the province of Toledo, in Castilla la Mancha. This region, its culture and history have a great influence on their work. Their vocation is something that runs in their family, as one of their grandmothers always wore these typical costumes. Their creations attracted the attention of photographers such as Mario Testino, who was fascinated with their pieces, and asked them to pose for his lens. For them, something well made is synonymous with excellence. In their case, a harmonious textile, well-executed and with a perfect finish.
Chencha answered our questions.

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  • ©Cairel Atelier
  • ©Cairel Atelier
  • ©Cairel Atelier
Photo: ©Cairel Atelier
Mesh squares

Mesh squares in cotton thread made for use in a quilt or curtains: several techniques have been used to make them. Firstly, the mesh was made by netting with a needle. The drawing was then added by stitching and darning. Once the squares are finished, they are interlined to form a bedspread or curtains. The colours used are natural white or ecru.

Height 15 cm
Width 15 cm

Photo: ©Cairel Atelier
Carved quilt

This is a detail of a bed quilt made with a variety of different techniques of embroidering: thread counting with geometrical borders, thread stitching with knotting, hemstitch with cuts and chrystillo stitch. An embroidery needle is used for the detail.

Height 20 cm
Width 20 cm

Photo: ©Cairel Atelier
Shirt cuffs

Shirt cuffs typical of the clothing of the Lagartera suit. These cuffs come from two traditional “Lagarterana” shirts embroidered with the thread counting technique and finished with spikes and loops. The sleeve folds are made with black and yellow harlequins. An embroidery needle is used for the fine detail.

Height 8 cm
Width 20 cm

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