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Charlotte Bourrus

  • The Map
  • Paper worker
  • Bidart, France
  • Master Artisan
Charlotte Bourrus Paper worker
French, English
By appointment only
+33 627878681
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Customised worlds

  • • Charlotte is self-taught
  • • She defines her work as visual anthropology
  • • Her creations are colourful and detailed

Graphic designer turned artist, Charlotte Bourrus is fascinated by maps and the notion of territory. In her studio, she carries out a meticulous work of documentation, then cuts and glues elements representing her interpretation of a city or a country which she then encloses under a glass bell. It's an imaginary world that comes to life, with essential cultural references: characters, architecture, symbols... It all started ten years ago, returning from a trip, Charlotte had the idea of creating a 3D world map using cut-out paper elements. Today, Charlotte's workshop offers two types of services: the sale of globes representing very specific places and a personalisation service to create bespoke globes on themes of your choice.

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  • © Paul Fraysse
  • © Fred de Bailliencourt
  • © Fred de Bailliencourt
  • © Fred de Bailliencourt
  • © Fred de Bailliencourt
Photo: © Paul Fraysse

This paper diorama of the city of Paris is assembled under a glass bell. Every element of this vertical collage is made of paper and cut by hand. You can guess from afar that the scene takes place in the French capital thanks to Charlotte’s use of iconic cultural references. The grey atmosphere of the slate prevails under the glass bell.

Height 19 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Photo: © Fred de Bailliencourt
Hong Kong

This group of globes are all about Hong Kong. Charlotte decided to divide them into five different sizes to illustrate the island of Hong Kong. It was a special order for the Kapok boutiques’ 15th anniversary. The climate is tropical under these glass bells, and a forest of buildings climbs all the way to the top of the globes.

Photo: © Fred de Bailliencourt

This tiny glass globe contains an Indian paper diorama under its bell. Every element of this vertical collage is made of paper. Charlotte’s creation conveys a very colourful atmosphere. Gandhi and goddesses are conversing together, just as palm trees and ancient architecture evoke the vast Indian territory.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 9 cm

Photo: © Fred de Bailliencourt

Here is a special paper diorama under a unique oval globe. Every element of this vertical collage is made of paper. While the main topic is Japan, Charlotte has put the focus on Tokyo. The urban scenery dialogs with a traditional landscape, resulting into a visual and narrative greenhouse.

Length 25 cm
Width 14 cm
Height 27 cm

Photo: © Fred de Bailliencourt

In this diorama of Namibia, every element of this vertical collage is made of paper. It evokes the country of Namibia, and the landscape of southern Africa: the orange dunes, the Herero women and the acacias trees surrounded by animals in the bush, enable Charlotte to form a desert theatre in which you are carried away in an African dream.

Height 19 cm
Diameter 14 cm

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