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©Valentina Alvarado
©Valentina Alvarado
©Valentina Alvarado

Caterina Roma

  • Ceramicist
  • La Pera, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Caterina Roma Ceramicist
Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian
By appointment only
+34 972020139
©Valentina Alvarado

The nature of ceramics

  • • Caterina is self-taught, through experimentation
  • • She sources her clay and other raw materials locally
  • • Her hand-made dinnerware is used by Michelin star chefs and interior designers

Studies in literature and philology did not prevent Caterina Roma from nurturing her passion for ceramics. Self-taught from a very young age, this process has given her “a rare freedom to create by intuition and observation.” Following her instinct, she has been exploring the endless possibilities – as well as the limits – that both materials and techniques allow. She has carried out a very personal, artistic research. The shapes of her creations are inspired by nature and tradition, Caterina digs her own clay, soaks and kneads it, collects plants and rocks which she will then incorporate into the glazing, firing her works also in a wood-kiln. Her connection with nature is tangible, balanced between poetry and function.

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  • ©Caterina Roma
  • ©Caterina Roma
  • ©Caterina Roma
  • ©Caterina Roma
  • ©Caterina Roma
Photo: ©Caterina Roma
Porcelain bottle

This handcrafted porcelain bottle was fired in a wood-kiln for over 50 hours. Originally unglazed, the effects on the surface of the decorative bottle are created by ash melted on top of the piece during the firing as well as sand and seashells.

Height 32 cm
Diameter 11 cm

Photo: ©Caterina Roma
Porcelain bowl

This very thin thrown bowl was wood-fired for two days and two nights. Fired when unglazed, the bowl is given its final surface effect by pine ash accumulated during its firing that has fused with the bowl to form an emerald pool at its base.

Height 6 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: ©Caterina Roma
Round vases

This set of three round vases are hand-built and fired in a wood-fired kiln. The set are fired while unglazed with a spark of copper. The final surface effect of the vase is given by ash that accumulates during the two days firing process, that melt on top of the pieces.

Height 14 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Photo: ©Caterina Roma
Porcelain plate with wild clay bowl

A hand-built porcelain plate, with a glaze showing large size crystals is set in the centre of a deeper hand-thrown bowl made of wild clay, collected around Caterina Roma’s studio. The bowl is finished with a white matt glaze.

Height 0.5 cm
Diameter 28 cm

Photo: ©Caterina Roma
Mediterranean dinnerware collection

This dinnerware collection, made of porcelain, is conceived by Caterina Roma to inspire the feelings of the Mediterranean – the whitewash houses near the deep, emerald sea.

Diameter 28 cm

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