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©Susanna Pozzoli
©Susanna Pozzoli
©Susanna Pozzoli
©Daria Galli
©Mario Canci

Caterina Crepax

Caterina Crepax Paper sculptor
Italian, English, Portuguese
By appointment only
+39 3355939563
©Mario Canci

Visions of paper

  • • Caterina creates astonishing paper dresses and sculptures
  • • She originally trained and worked as an architect
  • • Her approach is light-hearted and ironic

Caterina Crepax is an artisan and an artist. Daughter of Guido, one of the best renowned Italian comic artists ever, she has a light-hearted and ironic approach to her craft, but her ethereal paper dresses and sculptures are unique and astonishing. Growing up in a creative family environment, she found in her father a master and a playmate, who passed down to her manual skills and passion for making, and she gradually found her own creative path almost by chance – encouraged by friends and colleagues who recognised her talent even before she did. Since then, Caterina makes her great imagination available to bring to life the dreams of others, creating three-dimensional, magic and ephemeral visions for events, exhibitions, and set designs.

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  • ©Caterina Crepax
  • ©Meschina
  • ©Emanuelle Bestetti
  • ©Elena Casartelli
  • ©Emanuelle Bestetti
Photo: ©Caterina Crepax

This wearable paper dress was made for a special corporate event linked with the world of travel. Ninfea is made like a water lily flower on a giant leaf skirt, decorated with little animals like a chameleon and a dragonfly. The dress is crafted from tissue paper and vinyl glue for the base covered with homemade thick coloured oriental paper. The little figures are cut out of tourism catalogues and magazines.

Length 80 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 80 cm

Photo: ©Meschina
Urban Corset

The Urban Corset top is made like a water-city map, like Venice or Amsterdam with their buildings and water channels. The dress is a homage to Caterina Crepax’s work as an architect, here in a luxury corporate event for Patek Philippe watches. The dress is crafted from soft silk paper, handmade thick paper, paper ribbons, tissue paper and cut paper strips.

Length 70 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 100 cm

Photo: ©Emanuelle Bestetti
Lady Owl

The Lady Owl top is inspired by the shape of the owl's face with big round eyes. The cress is handcrafted from fine Japanese paper and handmade paper threads.

Length 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 100 cm

Photo: ©Elena Casartelli
Evening Beetle

Evening Beetle is inspired by the shape of a fantasy beetle with hard armour and soft wings and a very elegant paper soft fur made with bureaucracy waste. The dress is handcrafted from various types of oriental papers, silk paper and perforated invoices.

Length 50 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 120 cm

Photo: ©Emanuelle Bestetti
Le Grand Bleu

This wearable paper dress was made for a special corporate event linked with the world of travels. Le Grand Bleu is a deep blue sea bustier with a very rich and coloured barrier reef skirt, decorated with precious paper red corals and swimming fishes. The dress is crafted from home-made oriental paper, peated paper, recycled paper fragments and metal wire covered with paper.

Length 70 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 80 cm

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