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Couloir3.com©Paul Lesourd
Couloir3.com©Paul Lesourd
Couloir3.com©Paul Lesourd
Couloir3.com©Paul Lesourd
©Camille Orfèvre

Camille Gras

  • Camille Orfèvre
  • Silversmith
  • Paris, France
  • Master Artisan
Camille Gras Silversmith
French, English, Italian
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00
+33 951006300
©Ingrid Bailleul

Precious style

  • • Camille is one of the last silversmiths in Paris
  • • His atelier was labelled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
  • • He works for luxury houses and private clients

Camille Gras learned the art of silversmithing in Florence and Paris. His experience in these two cities, both renowned for their distinctive know-how in this field, has allowed him to acquire an impressive knowledge. Located in the old silversmith’s district of Paris, Camille has managed to set his own workshop by collecting materials from former silversmiths over time, many of his tools are over a century old. From jewellery to tableware, he restores or creates pieces in solid silver and silver metals; the French savoir-faire being reflected in the precision of his gesture. Camille particularly loves to challenge his skills, he works on prototypes for designers, architects and artists; there are always solutions to be found, as his motto goes.

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  • ©Laurent Boto
  • ©Studio Lauret
  • ©Laurent Boto
  • ©RoWin Atelier
  • ©Camille Orfèvre
Photo: ©Laurent Boto
Francéclat spoon

This prototype is related to the "Influences 2021" booklet for the Comité Francéclat based on the design by Mathilde Meneau. "Spotlight on gold: it is displayed without the slightest complex, it can be interpreted in such a way as to play with the difference in weight: heavy as an ingot or light as a sheet of gold: this object must be eye-catching.”

Length 19.55 cm
Width 2.25 cm
Height 4.1 cm

Photo: ©Studio Lauret
La Mongolfière caviar display

This extremely sophisticated piece of silverware is a reflection of the French know-how and sophistication. This caviar display has been worked in the shape of a hot air balloon, with the most refined details. Numerous cast iron elements are attached and welded to the piece, one next to the other, which made the work process very challenging, using a variation of many specific techniques. It was made for Lauret Studio.

Length 36 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 33.5 cm

Photo: ©Laurent Boto
Francéclat teapot

This silver teapot is related to the "Influences 2019" booklet for the Comité Francéclat, designed by Mathilde Meneau. The spout and handle of the teapot merge into a ring that haloed the body of the container and its lid, constrained to the shape of a sphere. This teapot is part of a theme in which formal expression is reduced to ultra-straightforward geometries, composed of circles, spheres and a few straight lines.

Width 22 cm
Height 24 cm

Photo: ©RoWin Atelier

This object was awarded “Prix du Design Contemporain” by PAD Paris in 2017. It is a vase made of three brass balls: blue, pink or red, which can be changed according to the colour of the flower bouquet. The vase was shaped and formed using brass: the material has been worked in the traditional sand-casting process.

Height 45 cm
Diameter 16.4 cm

Photo: ©Camille Orfèvre
Oval hammered vases

This set includes a trio of oval hammered vases. The three vases were inspired by Camille’s years of work in Italy and by the design of many clean and hammered objects. The craftsman used a method he learned in Florence which consists in giving a bright visual effect without worrying too much about the finishing, in order to optimise a manufacturing cost. These are two turned and pushed hulls, assembled then hammered.

Height 45 cm
Diameter 16.4 cm

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