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Bojana Brkić

  • Boya Porcelain
  • Ceramicist
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Master Artisan
Bojana Brkić Ceramicist
Serbian, Chinese, English, Spanish
Tuesday to Friday 11:00 - 20:00, Saturday 11:00 - 17:00
+381 692595888
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The intimate world of porcelain

  • • Boya’s first collection was a tribute to her grandmother and her doilies
  • • Her process is led by an intuitive approach to the material
  • • She enjoys sharing stories through her work

A long wooden table has been a part of Bojana Brkić’s family gatherings since she was a small girl. The feeling she had as she watched her grandmother prepare the meals and arrange the flowers seems to be an inspiration that is woven into all that she does. This warmth and elegance fills her new workshop and showroom space where a similar setting acts as a centrepiece and a display for her porcelain tableware collection. Bojana is passionate about nurturing each and every piece, every aspect of a tiny cup is as important and carefully considered as the larger showpieces. She passionately and selflessly shares the knowledge she has gathered over the years working in her favourite material and hopes to inspire younger ceramists to find and express their voice in it.

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Blanche grande bowl

Blanche grande bowl is handcrafted from white French porcelain using a slab building technique. Porcelain is rolled with a rolling pin creating an organic form while the surface is impressed by hand using a custom-made tool to get a unique tactile and visual experience. A gold stripe, using liquid 24k gold, is added with a brush to the rim, connecting the glossy glazed interior to the textured exterior.

Height 7.5 cm
Width 25.5 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Porcelain cups

These wheel-thrown porcelain coffee cups are made from French porcelain. The cups come in three different sizes. The cups, made from white porcelain, are decorated using various techniques including slip painting, pencil drawing and dipping of the cup’s coloured glaze. Liquid, 24k gold is used to paint smaller details on the glazed piece.

Height 8.5 cm
Width 7.5 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Cup and plates

This dark grey cup is made of stained porcelain. The cup is wheel-thrown and glazed on the inside and partially on the outside leaving it interesting to the touch. Bojana Brkić rolls porcelain with a rolling pin to make the plates. The saucer is made of ivory porcelain and is engraved with a hand tool. The dessert plate is decorated using a black pigment and a sponge in a series of repetitive short strokes.

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Breeze plates

Breeze plates are made from white French porcelain using a slab building technique. The porcelain is rolled with a rolling pin to create an organic form. A transparent glaze, coloured with pigments creating an aquarelle effect, is then applied. Liquid 24k gold is painted with a brush close to the rim in a wheat-like wreath.

Diameter 24 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Petra cup

Petra cup is made of teal stained porcelain. It is wheel-thrown and glazed on the inside using a glossy transparent glaze. The exterior is partially glazed leaving the matte surface exciting to the touch. Details on the cup are engraved while the cup is still wet. Glaze is added and gold applied during different stages of production.

Height 8 cm
Width 7.5 cm

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