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Birgit Verplancke

  • Stained glass maker
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Rising Star
Birgit Verplancke Stained glass maker
Dutch, English, French
By appointment only
+32 474385100

A heart of glass

  • • Birgit preserves stained glass art for future generations
  • • She first set up her workshop in her brother’s old room
  • • The smallest window in Bruges is made by her

Birgit Verplancke, who has a studio in the medieval city of Bruges, specialises in the restoration of stained glass. From the start of her studies, she has felt an affinity for this material. “There’s something about stained glass you can’t explain: how it’s both fragile and sturdy, how it refracts light and creates wonderful colours, how it’s both liquid and frozen". Birgit feels it’s her duty to preserve this art for the next generations. She is on a mission to show people that it’s not an old fashioned craft and that it not only brightens your home, but your whole life. A milestone was her creation of the smallest window in Bruges, in the Gruuthuse Museum. During the renovation work, the museum decided to add one new, modern element to the building: a stained glass. A proud and prestigious moment for this gifted stained glass maker.

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Photo: ©wove_be
The Cheetah

This rectangular stained glass window with an image of a cheetah was mainly created with transparent and brown glass. In the background are images of green and blue leaves, representing a jungle. The cheetah is framed in a wooden frame with gold leaf. On the back of the frame, a lamp is installed.

Length 112 cm
Width 36 cm
Depth 4 cm

Photo: ©wove_be
Leaf bowl

This amber coloured bowl was slumped in the oven to create the leaf shape. It can be used as a decorative piece or as a functional piece, for example as a fruit bowl.

Length 42 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 2 cm

Photo: ©wove_be
The Laceworker

This stained glass medallion depicts an old lady, creating a lace work. It uses a combination of brown grisaille and contour to set the picture. Pink and blue enamels were applied to add some colour and silver stain to accentuate certain details.

Length 39 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 0.8 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Restored chuch panel

This restored church panel depicts three angels. They wear, respectively, a purple, green and red robe. The scene is a traditional neo-Gothic setting with pillars and other church elements. Black and brown are used for shades and contouring.

Length 69 cm
Width 65 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Fragmented windows of the Potterie

These stained glass fragmented doors are a set of three. They were made with various pieces from different times – placed together to form a whole. In the left and right panels, there are two medallions. In the central window, there are three.

Length 150 cm
Width 50 cm
Length 146 cm
Width 25 cm

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