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© Da Capo Escultura
© Da Capo Escultura
© Da Capo Escultura
© Da Capo Escultura

Benjamín Ramírez

  • Da Capo Escultura
  • Stone sculptor
  • Las Pedroneras, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Benjamín Ramírez Stone sculptor
Spanish, English, Italian
By appointment only
+34 622201479
© Da Capo Escultura

Carving a great relationship with the stone

  • • Benjamín opened his workshop in 2004
  • • He trained with a mentor for five years
  • • His work on the stone is adaptable

In 1998, Benjamín Ramírez, barely 19 years old, began his journey into the world of stone carving. Although he did not learn the trade at a university, he did have a mentor – a sculptor with a degree in Fine Arts – who trained him as an apprentice for five years, teaching him techniques and instilling in him great wisdom. His works have a strong identity, yet they are also timeless and unique. He expresses tradition in a natural and unconscious way. But at the same time he is a non-conformist and aims to improve and innovate without being oblivious to the outside world. Adding new ways of expressing allows him to be genuine. What Benjamín enjoys most is sharing with his clients the satisfaction of a job that has been finished and done well.

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  • © Da Capo Escultura
  • © Da Capo Escultura
  • © Da Capo Escultura
  • © Da Capo Escultura
  • © Da Capo Escultura
Photo: © Da Capo Escultura
Black Line Diamonds

These marble sculptures, part of Benjamín Ramírez’s Diamonds collection, are a path of exploration of geometric figures, space and all its possibilities. The black stones, from Calatorao in the province of Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, with a defined and polished cut, generate numerous sparkles and light.

Length 28 cm
Width 28 cm
Height 20 cm

Photo: © Da Capo Escultura
Herm of Pericles

This statue of Pericles with a Corinthian helmet is handcrafted from travertine. With an apotropaic function, Benjamin Ramírez imagines it paired, attached to a wall or in its eternal isolation.

Length 45 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 165 cm

Photo: © Da Capo Escultura
Openwork rosette

This rosette, handcrafted from Capri limestone, is openwork tracery. The form was traditionally used for the façade of gothic churches. Later, they were used in locations of great decorative importance. It has a double purpose: it illuminates the house interior, and it achieves a mysterious atmosphere when the light is filtered through each of its lobes.

Height 15 cm
Diameter 125 cm

Photo: © Da Capo Escultura
Replica of the portrait medallion of Domitian

This replica portrait of Domitian (1530, MNAC) is handcrafted from travertine sandstone. This type of collection of Roman emperors was worth a vast commercial fortune. The original work of art belonged to an old collection of the humanist Miquel Mai, the Catalan courtier of the emperor Charles V who served as his ambassador in Rome.

Height 6 cm
Diameter 62 cm

Photo: © Da Capo Escultura
Primitive fountain

This fountain, handcrafted from regional marble, transmits a rough beauty accentuated by archaic elemental symbols carved on the surface.

Height 40 cm
Diameter 62 cm

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