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Beatriz Natmar

Beatriz Natmar Artificial flower maker
Spanish, English
By appointment only
+34 675467059
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Petal by petal

  • • Beatriz handcrafts silk flowers for weddings and fashion
  • • She creates headdresses, brooches or other accessories
  • • Her meticulous work requires a lot of patience

Beatriz Natmar has worked since 2009 in her private atelier in Barcelona making silk flowers of all types, sizes and colours for weddings and fashion. Her pieces not only reflect the beauty of blossoms in nature and the trends of the moment, but also the same delicacy and serenity that she transmits in actual life. Beatriz works with burins combining silks, organza, feathers or tulles, among other top-quality fabrics. Her flowers can be part of an exclusive headdress, a fashionable crown, a unique button holder, an exuberant brooch, or any other accessory. She has worked with high fashion designers such as Teresa Helbig. Lovers of her craft can purchase her “ready-to-wear” creations on her online store, or make a request for a custom made piece.

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  • ©Beatriz Natmar
  • ©Beatriz Natmar
  • ©Beatriz Natmar
  • ©Beatriz Natmar
  • ©Beatriz Natmar
Photo: ©Beatriz Natmar

The base of the sculpture, which depicts half of a mask transforming into flowering branches, was handcrafted in papier mache and metal wire. The whole piece was then covered in recycled leather, tightened with isinglass and worked with iron tools. The back of each flowers was painted with gold pigments to bring luminosity. Beatriz added handpainted pistils from an antique market to complement the ensemble.

Length 36 cm
Width 5
Height 41

Photo: ©Beatriz Natmar
White Rose

This white silk rose looks almost like porcelain. While the petals were individually cut and assembled from raw silk, Beatriz used Shantung silk for the leaves.

Height 30 cm
Length 50

Photo: ©Beatriz Natmar

Crafted from white silk, intensifying in pink shades towards the centre, the flower is Beatriz’s first peony. Each petal was hand painted individually with watercolours. In the centre, finely detailed yellow pistils bring naturalism to the decorative piece.

Length 20 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 20 cm

Photo: ©Beatriz Natmar
The Beginning

This porcelain piece is the result of multiple experimentations to recreate the centre of the Protea flower. It was fully hand shaped and painted in gradient shades of light pink and soft green with acrylics.

Length 10 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 30 cm

Photo: ©Beatriz Natmar

The Protea flower, composed of delicate petals and leaves made of recycled silk, features a finely detailed, hand shaped porcelain hearth. Each petal and leaf was individually hand painted for more realism. The flower was modelled from photos only as Beatriz did not have access to a physical one during lockdown.

Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 30 cm

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