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Oļegs Auzers

Oļegs Auzers Silversmith
Latvian, English, Russian
Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00
+371 26609209
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The grandeur of silver

  • • Oļegs creates unique large-scale silver compositions
  • • Since 1991, he has taught apprentices in his workshop
  • • He founded Live Silver Museum and Auzers Jewellery School

As a jewellery maker, Oļegs Auzers’s heart belongs to silver. In his work, he is driven by the many challenges of this craft and gets inspired by different creative possibilities. He creates jewellery, goblets and decorative pieces, as well as unique large-scale sculptural compositions, handmade in silver. The finesse, the scale and the craftsmanship of these large works, which can be 1.5m high, change the perception of silver and show the true abilities of this lunar metal. Fascinated by philosophy, religion, spirituality and astrophysics, Oļegs reflects on the world and human beings through his creations. The many little details in each work can take hours to refine. The stories behind them can be discovered at his Live Silver Museum.

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Love and Hatred

This work depicts the polarity of two strong feelings, love and hate, such as in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Love is the most exalting, euphoric sensation which can be felt not only towards another human being but also towards nature, art, fishing, music, sport, theatre or astronomy, for example. Flowers symbolise this love, while the sword depicts hatred. Hatred and anger can result from love, even turning fatal, hence the pool of blood at the tip of the sword. The snake represents seduction, temptation, and the illusion of freedom that can lead a person away from love.

Photo: © All rights reserved
The Flying Dutchman

The ship is an allegory of life. The Flying Dutchman never reaches port and is always destined to be on the sea. Similarly, for humans, the future is unknown and the past is subjective, distorted by memories. Perhaps a human’s life doesn’t even end with death but continues to exist in a different form. The ship encompasses these different stages of being and the paths people take during their lives. They try to predict the future, they get defeated and fall, they seek materialistic stability and wealth, they communicate, help or, as the captain of their ship, take control of the situation. The meaning of life is to find one’s own purpose.

Photo: © All rights reserved
Issyk Kul

Lake Issyk Kul is located in Kyrgyztan and once was a stopover for travellers on the Silk Road. This plate was a gift for the president of Kyrgyzstan, however due to the Kyrgyz Revolution of 2010 the president was ousted and the artwork stayed with the artist.

Photo: © All rights reserved

This cup displays the importance of music and its healing benefits for the mind. The accordion is the artist and his wife's favourite musical instrument.

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Cain and Abel

Based on the biblical story of Cain and Abel, this piece tells a story about egoism and altruism, and the harmony between them. When giving sacrifices to God, Abel's gifts were favoured more than Cain's, and in an act of jealousy Cain killed his brother. God punished him, throwing him out of the garden of Eden, thus leaving him restlessly wandering around the Earth. The central branch of this tree symbolises the harmony between egoism and altruism. Being completely egocentric or devoting yourself only to others are extremes, while finding a balance between giving and receiving will lead to peace within.

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