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Atelier Enrico Magnani Pescia

  • Paperworking
  • Pietrabuona, Italy
  • Manufacturer
  • Not open to the public
Atelier Enrico Magnani Pescia Paperworking
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Established in 2018, the social enterprise Enrico Magnani Pescia has a much more ancient history, dating back to 1481, when the Magnani family began producing beautiful, handmade paper. Soon their high-quality, unique products became famous all around the world, reaching the peak of fame in the 19th century, when nobles, international companies, poets and artists were among their clients. The production slowed down during the 20th century and finally came to a halt by the end of it.

©All rights reserved

A paper association was founded in town and the ancient paper mill was bought and converted into a museum (the Pescia Paper Museum). New craftspeople were trained according to the ancient techniques: paper masters, filigranists and staplers, who’ve been working ever since in the new-established atelier, whose headquarters is not far from the original one. Thanks to their work and passion, elegant paper is still handcrafted in Pescia. All their products can be customised with watermarks, embossed stamps and digital prints.

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