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© Stef Zins
© Stef Zins
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© Stef Zins

Annamaria Leiste & Raphael Grotthuss

  • Papierwerk Glockenbach
  • Papermaker
  • Munich, Germany
  • Master Artisan
Annamaria Leiste & Raphael Grotthuss Papermaker
German, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+49 8912295427
© Stef Zins

Space for exploration

  • • Annamaria and Raphael handmake paper and paper objects
  • • They use a technique which sprays paper with compressed air
  • • They share their knowledge in workshops

Founded in 2016, Papierwerk Glockenbach is the result of its founders long-lasting love affair with the material paper, that started from a completely different point for each of them. Annamaria Leiste was searching for a material that could convey the three dimensional expression of fish scales for a project during her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She found the solution in the flax fibre and from then on continued her journey into the world of paper. Raphael Grotthuss found his way to working with paper through its acoustic properties “I was searching for the appropriate material for a sound installation, where a "certain crackling" should fill the room, I ended up with paper”. From then on he went deeper and deeper into the paper world's possibilities. In their Munich backyard workshop together they create exquisite paper and paper objects by hand.

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  • © Stef Zins
  • © Stef Zins
  • © Stef Zins
  • © Stef Zins
  • © Stef Zins
Photo: © Stef Zins
Handmade Paper

These handmade sheets of paper were handcrafted from a great variety of fibers such as cotton linters, Flax, Sisal, Abaca, Hemp or cotton and dyed depending on the customer requirements.

Photo: © Stef Zins
Flying Faxs

The pattern was achieved by spraying fibres in extremely thin layers using a pulp spryer. The compressed air creates a typical dotted structure that embellishes any sheet of handmade paper.

Width 148 cm
Length 218 cm

Photo: © Stef Zins
Free Form

In their wood workshop, Raphael & Annamaria are able to build individual paper moulds and thus realize unusual formats. The moulds can also be watermarked. A lettering or a symbol is sewn onto the scoop with fine copper wire. The fibre pulp settles less at this point when scooping, and becomes correspondingly thinner and more translucent.

Photo: © Stef Zins
Großes Kino (Big Show)

After they received a request for a large amount of large format paper last year, Raphael & Annamaria had to come up with something to produce very large paper as efficiently as possible. In order to do so, they built a large cast table. The casting table is mounted on rollers, to distribute the fibbers evenly with shaking movements.

Photo: © Stef Zins
No One

In search of a unique paper for watercolor paintings, but also inkjet print, or acrylic and oil painting, Papierwerk Glockenbach has devel-oped a wonderfully strong paper with a distinctive deckle edge. It con-sists of 80% pure cotton fiber (linters) and 20% flax, which gives the sheet its special stability.

Width 54 cm
Length 72 cm

Enjoy an experience with Annamaria Leiste & Raphael Grotthuss

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