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©Annalia Amedeo
©Annalia Amedeo
©Annalia Amedeo
©Annalia Amedeo
©Annalia Amedeo

Annalia Amedeo

Annalia Amedeo Ceramicist
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3478627405
©Annalia Amedeo

From archetypes to metamorphosis

  • • Annalia is an artist, a designer and a chemist
  • • Her works are meditations on eternity and decay
  • • She fell in love with ceramics when she was a child

After a long experience as an archaeological ceramics restorer in Naples (where she was born), Florence and Rome, Annalia Amedeo decided to follow an old artistic calling, studying pottery, porcelain and enamels at an Arts and Crafts school, to become a sculptor and a designer. Her vision merges classical studies and curiosity for nature, the silent stillness of ancient statues and the transmutations of living creatures, in a dialogue between archetypes and organic shapes, eternity and decay. She creates sculptures, which are meditations about the human condition, and home accessories such as bowls and tableware. She experiments with different clays and produces her own glazes. “There’s a strong alchemic aspect in my job,” she says.

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  • ©Annalia Amedeo
  • ©Annalia Amedeo
  • ©Annalia Amedeo
  • ©Annalia Amedeo
  • ©Annalia Amedeo
Photo: ©Annalia Amedeo
As you want me

These porcelain sculptures are part of an installation of six. They are masks that humans metaphorically wear and represent a reflection on modern humans, their experiences and their complex superstructures and ambivalences. On faces of a classic beauty, appear lacerations and foliage, a symptom of suffering. The faces are obtained with moulds while the leaf elements are hand built. They were coloured with various coats of metal salts applied with a brush.

Length 28 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 14 cm

Photo: ©Annalia Amedeo

These porcelain sculptures are part of Annalia Amedeo’s Verso series. They are flowers which end with a sort of creeping tail looking for a direction. They can be arranged both on the wall as an installation or on a support as in this case. Each element is a thin porcelain strip wrapped around itself to form the flower. The delicate pastel colours are obtained with cobalt metal salts applied with a brush.

Diameter 25 cm

Photo: ©Annalia Amedeo
Blue seed

This stoneware and porcelain sculpture is part of Annalia Amedeo’s Seed series. The vessel abandons its function and becomes a seed that opens and sprouts. The leaves that wrap and fill it give the sculptural form an irregular and unique shape. This work is shaped in a mould while the vegetal elements are hand built. The blue pastel colour is obtained with cobalt metal salt applied with a brush.

Length 36 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 13 cm

Photo: ©Annalia Amedeo

These stoneware sculptures embody the meaning that the Chinese give to the word tao. It is the energy that flows through all the universe. These two sculptures placed one in front of the other, are transformed into a mutant organic form in which the small phytomorphic elements enter into connection and aspire to transmit a positive energy to the observer. The sculptures are shaped in a mould while the vegetal elements are hand built. The red highlights are obtained with iron metal salt applied with a brush.

Length 21 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 18 cm

Photo: ©Annalia Amedeo

This paper clay porcelain sculpture is part of Annalia Amedeo’s Leaves series. It is a particular votive offering to some pagan deity belonging to the natural word. Oblation seeks to be the sensitive trace of an existence totally in contact with nature and at the same time of a buried but never forgotten spiritual dimension. The leaf elements are hand built and applied to create an intertwined round shape.

Height 12 cm
Diameter 52 cm

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