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©Sergei Sherbak
©Sergei Sherbak
©Sergei Sherbak
©Sergei Sherbak
©Sergei Sherbak

Andrei Dzyuba

  • Dzubaglass
  • Lamp maker
  • Samara, Russia
  • Master Artisan
Andrei Dzyuba Lamp maker
Russian, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00, Sunday 10:00 - 15:00
+7 9370683250
©Sergei Sherbak

Lighting up a passion

  • • Andrei believes that laziness is the only constraint for a master
  • • He has raised three apprentices
  • • It takes him about 20 days to make one lampshade

Andrei Dzyuba was on a legal career path that didn’t suit him, but life has a way of giving us second chances. In 2003, he found a website of a studio producing Tiffany lampshades and fell in love with the aesthetics of stained glass. Andrei felt that he could make lamps like that. It took him three years of diligent learning to reach a level of craftsmanship that enabled him to create his first lampshade. Many years later, his work travels all over the world. He makes various objects, but his speciality is Tiffany lampshades: “Turning a new lamp on gets me excited like a child!” he says. Andrei wants to preserve the cultural legacy of stained glass making.

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  • ©Sergei Sherbak
  • ©Sergei Sherbak
  • ©Sergei Sherbak
  • ©Andrei Dzyuba
  • ©Andrei Dzyuba
Photo: ©Sergei Sherbak
Poppy on blue lamp

This iconic museum replica of a Tiffany lamp is one of the few designs where filigree is used to give more expressiveness to the artistic motive. The lamp is made from 472 individual elements that have been combined together. The base of the lamp is made in a classic Tiffany "Large Stick Base" design.

Height 68.5 cm
Diameter 50.8 cm

Photo: ©Sergei Sherbak
Red-white hydrangea lamp

This lampshade, a non-classical replica of the Tiffany lamp, is classified as a subclass of uneven edge lampshades. Such lampshades require special reinforcement of the structure, which makes for a more complicated assembly. The lamp is made from 348 different elements of glass combined with brass and copper.

Height 57 cm
Diameter 41 cm

Photo: ©Sergei Sherbak
Tulip on green-blue lampshade

This lampshade is a non-classic replica of a Tiffany piece. A significant difference is the multi-coloured tulips. Tiffany usually made all the buds the same colour – yellow or red. The background colour is canonical. The lamp is made of 591 glass elements combined with brass and copper.

Height 50.8 cm
Diameter 40.6 cm

Photo: ©Andrei Dzyuba
Parasol lamp

This iconic museum replica of a Tiffany lamp belongs to a subclass of geometric lampshades. The lamp consists of glass 336 combined glass elements, made of Armstrong glass from the US. According to Tiffany's idea, the lampshade depicts the globe lined with meridians and parallels, and not an umbrella, as it might seem at first glance. The base of the lamp is made following the classic Duffner & Kimberly design.

Height 65 cm
Diameter 40.6 cm

Photo: ©Andrei Dzyuba
Daffodil lamp

This non-classical replica of a Tiffany lamp differs from the iconic designs because of its light background. The colour of buds and stems are canonical. The lamp consists of 621 glass elements combined with brass and copper. The base of the lamp is taken from a classical design from the 1950s by Wilkinson.

Height 59 cm
Diameter 40.6 cm

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