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Andrea Cagnetti

  • Akelo
  • Goldsmith
  • Corchiano, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Andrea Cagnetti Goldsmith
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3337315173

The jewellery alchemist

  • • Andrea creates one-of-a-kind golden jewels and decorative objects
  • • He masters the techniques used by the Etruscans 3,000 years ago
  • • His works are the result of years of strenuous study and experimentation

Look closely at any of the jewels made by master goldsmith Andrea Cagnetti and it will take your breath away. Created with the same techniques and tools used by the ancient Etruscans 3,000 years ago, his necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as well as chains, pendants and decorative objects, are made of a myriad of microscopic gold spheres and filigree, so small that you should use a magnifying glass to see them in details. Even more surprisingly, all these tiny elements are joined so invisibly to their background that they don’t seem welded to the surface, but just placed on it. Such perfection was not built in a day: Cagnetti, who is self-taught, spent years studying ancient literary sources to learn the secrets of his goldsmith ancestors, while experimenting to develop his own technique. Nowadays, his jewellery is worn by royals and displayed in museums.

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  • ©AndreaCagnetti
  • ©AndreaCagnetti
  • ©AndreaCagnetti
  • ©AndreaCagnetti
  • ©AndreaCagnetti
Photo: ©AndreaCagnetti
Rigel bracelet

Rigel is a one-of-a-kind gold bracelet inspired by ancient jewellery and created with the old techniques of granulation, fine dust granulation and filigree. Its elaborate decorative motif is obtained by welding a multitude of minuscule grains and wires of different diameters to a gold plate background.

Diameter 6 cm

Photo: ©AndreaCagnetti
Nusakan earrings

Nusakan are one-of-a-kind earrings, created by linking two gold spheres with a thin chain. The upper sphere is completely covered with dust granulation, with grains as small as 0,07 mm of diameter. The lower one is decorated with geometric patterns obtained with filigree.

Diameter 1.5 cm

Photo: ©AndreaCagnetti
Talitha Borealis

Talitha Borealis is small cylindrical gold-plated box with a lid. The surface is decorated with filigree and gold dust granulation, using grain as small as 0,07 mm of diameter. It’s a unique piece.

Diameter 4 cm

Photo: ©AndreaCagnetti
The Athanor

This abstract sculpture is made of industrial waste, namely square and rectangular steel hoses of different sizes. After assembling all the elements into the desired shape, Cagnetti treated the steel with oxides for a rusty effect, then finished the work with transparent paint. Unique piece.

Diameter 10 cm

Photo: ©AndreaCagnetti
Babel (Tribute to Bruegel)

One-of-a-kind sculpture made of industrial waste, namely square and rectangular steel hoses of different sizes. The steel elements were assembled together, treated with brightly colored oxides, then finished with transparent paint.

Diameter 411 cm

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