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André Panoias

  • Malbarbado
  • Woodcarver
  • Evora, Portugal
  • Rising Star
André Panoias Woodcarver
Portuguese, English
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00
+351 964603612

The modern shepherd

  • • André pursues Alentejo’s wood carving techniques
  • • He seeks to bring recognition to a rural craft
  • • His carved spoons pay tribute to shepherd artisans

André Panoias may have studied Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon but his heart and mind were set on returning to Alentejo to help improve the perceived value of rural crafts. “I started working with wood as a child with my grandfather and after spending time with him and other artisans I felt the need to do my part to preserve local woodworking traditions.” The carving techniques he uses to make his spoons are the same that have been used by shepherds in the fields for generations. André enjoys the daily touch and smell of wood. His profound respect for the surrounding nature and desire to take the necessary time to create well-made objects has guided this modern shepherd to bring local wood craft back into everyday contemporary life.

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  • ©MalBarbado
  • ©MalBarbado
  • ©MalBarbado
Photo: ©MalBarbado
Colher dos Namorados

This hand-carved spoon was inspired by the functional objects shepherds in Alentejo would carve out from wood during their solitary hours in the fields. This type of lace-like decoration was often used when the spoon was destined for a loved one.

Length 20 cm
Width 5.5 cm

Photo: ©MalBarbado
Cooking spoon

This hand-carved spoon is made with the same technique shepherds from Alentejo used to make functional objects. The decorative engravings are unique to each spoon. These spoons are made from locally sourced wood from oak or olive trees.

Length 25 cm
Width 5.5 cm

Photo: ©MalBarbado
Colher Oliva

Hand-carved from olive tree wood these spoons are ideal for serving jam with cheeses. The smaller size makes it practical to use for cooking, serving and even eating. Each piece is handmade responsibly using only locally sourced wood.

Length 18 cm
Width 4.5 cm

Colher Provadeira

This carved double spoon is a tribute to farmers who, staying in the fields all day, would eat together. Used when there was no cure for tuberculosis, it avoided contagion as the cook gathered the broth with one spoon and let it flow to the other for tasting.

Length 20 cm
Width 5.5 cm

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