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©Ana Tenorio
©Ana Tenorio
©Ana Tenorio
©Ana Tenorio
©Ana Tenorio

Ana Tenorio

  • Witchneeds
  • Ceramicist
  • Vigo, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Ana Tenorio Ceramicist
Spanish, English, Portuguese
By appointment only
34 680967360
©Ana Tenorio

Connecting with nature

  • • Ana uses pastes made with earth from different places
  • • She avoids the serial work associated with the ceramic industry
  • • Each new collection requires a different technique

Ana Tenorio creates unique pieces with a deep emotional charge that arise from her need to be closer to nature. They are objects for haute cuisine and interior design, sculptures or jewellery. She has a degree in Fine Arts but she also learned her craft with ceramicist Emilia Guimeráns, who taught her to always ask herself questions. A move to the countryside of Marcosende, Pontevedra, was triggered by personal project. Today, working from her home-workshop, she has generated a profound discourse with her brand, Witchneeds, which has allowed her to create pieces for chefs such as Pepe Solla or to experiment with different lines of work, exploring the paths which pottery opens.

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  • ©Ana Tenorio
  • ©Ana Tenorio
  • ©Ana Tenorio
  • ©Alfonso Duran
  • ©Ana Tenorio
Photo: ©Ana Tenorio
Flor de invierno (Winter flower)

This sculpture, a handmade unique piece commissioned by the Diputación de Pontevedra, was created by Ana Tenorio to present as an award annually to the ambassador of the Rias Baixas. It is inspired by the camellia, chosen as a representative element of the region. In the language of flowers, the camellia generally symbolizes esteem, admiration and gratitude.

Height 22 cm
Width 10 cm

Photo: ©Ana Tenorio

Strata is a line of work that shows us a pure ceramic, natural and that finds inspiration in its own nature.The pieces, created by Ana Tenorio, have a nude finish that serves as a base for a hand painting of the local landscape defined by the stratification and sedimentary layers of the earth.

Height 10 cm
Width 8 cm

Photo: ©Ana Tenorio

Orixe, meaning origin in galician, is a collection of tableware pieces that is born from emotions. It seeks to return to the origin to find purity through its texture, colour and stain. It is a collection of handmade pieces, without lathe or moulds, that focuses on the primitive process.

Height 5 cm
Width 18 cm

Photo: ©Alfonso Duran

Praia is a series within Ana Tenorio’s Orixe collection. These white bowls with sand-like spots on them are inspired by sea foam, sand and salt.

Height 10 cm
Width 22 cm

Photo: ©Ana Tenorio

Wu Wei is a term of Chinese origin that describes an important aspect of Taoist philosophy in which the most appropriate way to deal with a situation is "do not act". The wu wei would be a natural way of doing things, without forcing them with tricks that distort their harmony and principle. Ana Tenorio applied this principle here to her vases, letting them be as they wish to be through free flow.

Height 125 cm
Width 75 cm

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