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©Ana Lamata
©Ana Lamata
©Ana Lamata
©Ana Lamata

Ana Lamata

Ana Lamata Milliner
Spanish, English, French
By appointment only
+34 679726082
©Ana Lamata

Magic in millinery

  • • Ana creates her hats with love and respect
  • • Each hat speaks of cultural heritage and provenance
  • • She only works with natural fibres

Whilst pursuing a PhD in contemporary art history, Ana Lamata started to collect all sorts of hats. Her curiosity made her realise she had no idea about how the objects of her passion were made and this is when she decided to learn the craft. After some research she landed in London and found in Mrs Rose Cory, MBE and milliner of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Mother, the best possible master. Short after meeting her, she discovered herself smiling while sewing a hat. From that day, and after opening her workshop in 2014, she has been searching for the best materials (natural fibres of the highest quality available), experiencing the magic of seeing something taking shape, the transformation happening through her hands, and not being afraid of the amount of time it takes to make a hat properly.

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  • ©Ana Lamata
  • ©Ana Lamata
  • ©Ana Lamata
  • ©Ana Lamata
  • ©Ana Lamata
Photo: ©Ana Lamata

This draped turban is made from cotton with a handmade silk lining. First, the cotton canvas structure is blocked and pressed. Then the fabric pieces are cut, draped and hand sewn to the structure. Pulling without creating unnecessary or excessive tensions and sewing with just the amount of stitches required to hold the pleats in place without losing the feeling of softness and fluidity.

Height 14 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Photo: ©Ana Lamata

This hat is made with a silk-wool-linen mix fabric over a cotton canvas inner structure, with a handmade silk lining. The inner structure is made in cotton canvas, cut, blocked, sewn and pressed over a wooden hat block. Then the outer part is made by cutting, sewing, blocking (pinning, steaming, unpinning, re-pinning, re-steaming, resting) the fabric on the block. Both crown and brim are treated similarly. The brim is wired and bound by hand.

Photo: ©Ana Lamata

This fabric covered hat-cap is made with taffeta silk over a cotton net structure, with a handmade silk lining. This piece is made on a 1950s wooden hat block. It is quite a complex piece to make, requiring a number of detailed steps.

Photo: ©Ana Lamata

Beaver felt hat, with a drop crown and a snap-brim. Hand sewn brim binding, bow and sweatband reed in silk ribbon. Because of its characteristics, beaver hair felt is one of the best for hat making: it is one of the strongest materials, yet remarkably light and smooth, as well as water repellent. The crown is steamed and blocked and left to dry and rest after pressing the brim flat.

Photo: ©Ana Lamata

For this handwoven and hand sewn hat, the upper surface was woven in straw as if it were a piece of cloth. First, the straw warp was laid over the block, then the weft was woven with the same straw braid. The edge of the hat was wired and bound with silk ribbon. Then a supporting structure was made, making a profile with wire, binding it with silk ribbon and then hand sewing rows of straw braid on.

Height 7 cm
Diameter 26 cm

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