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Alix Waline

  • Decorative painter
  • Paris, France
  • Master Artisan
Alix Waline Decorative painter
French, English
By appointment only
+33 662364431
@ Tony Querrec

Dotty for walls

  • • Alix creates striking murals
  • • Her technique is a modern pointillism
  • • She turns tiny dots into emerging shapes

Alix Waline has chosen a simple idea and takes it seriously. The decorative painter has dedicated herself to her own painting technique of abstract pointillism, where she uses small dots to make large organic shapes. Most often her canvas is walls of private homes or luxury boutiques, and her brush is a felt marker with which she makes her murals composed of many tiny marks. Alix studied History of Art at the Sorbonne and Fine Art at Beaux Arts de Paris, finding her way into the world of art was a little miracle in her eyes. As an adolescent she was more interested in music and never thought she would eventually become an artist. As she had lots of artist friends, she became curious and found herself exploring art, liking it and eventually studying it.

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  • @ Paul Bowyer
  • ©Alix Waline
  • ©Julien Magre
  • ©_Studio_Erick_Saillet
  • ©Alix Waline
Photo: @ Paul Bowyer
Chess Hotel, Paris

Alix Waline created this mural for the lobby of the Chess Hotel in Paris. The bespoke commission is composed of Alix's signature dots in collaboration with Gilles & Boissier. The decorative painter made the abstract pointillist drawing with black felt pens.

Width 350 cm
Height 250 cm

Photo: ©Alix Waline

Alix Waline create this site specific wall drawing for a residential project. The bespoke commission composes of an abstract pointillist drawing made with black felt pens.

Length 200 cm
Height 100 cm

Photo: ©Julien Magre

This rug is the result of a collaboration with Pinton. Alix Waline designed the abstract form which was then translated by layers of grey textured wool.

Length 250 cm
Width 175 cm

Photo: ©_Studio_Erick_Saillet

Alix Waline created this abstract site-specific wall drawing for a wall of Maison Bellevue, the new showroom of Armel Soyer in Gassin. The design reflects her signature style with a lighter colour palette.

Length 300 cm
Height 160 cm

Photo: ©Alix Waline

This abstract carpet made of wool mixed with polyamide is the result of a collaboration with PINTON. Alix Waline created the drawing, which served as the basis for the carpet's design.

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