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@Alexandru Murar
@Alexandru Murar
@Alexandru Murar
@Alexandru Murar

Alexandru Murar

  • Ceramicist
  • Nexø, Denmark
  • Rising Star
Alexandru Murar Ceramicist
Danish, English, Romanian
By appointment only
+45 71656061
@Alexandru Murar

Wheel of joy

  • • Murar teaches students at the Royal Danish Academy in Bornholm
  • • His studio shop is called SKURET (the Shed)
  • • He fell in love with clay from the first touch

Alexandru Murar has a rare talent for throwing on the potter's wheel. He taught himself to hand throw by watching YouTube videos, followed by low-firing at a local factory. Everything he does emerges from the wheel, from conceptual art pieces to functional tableware. Alexandru was born in Deva, Romania but has lived on the island of Bornholm for the past eight years. Today he is a sought-after artist and designer who believes that clay has a consciousness of its own, a tacit intelligence that can only be felt and worked with at a non-conceptual level. Maybe that is why he immerses himself in an almost meditative process when he throws, letting inspiration guide him. The result is collectible objects and art pieces that are usually glazed with locally found materials like ashes.

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  • @Alexandru Murar
  • @Alexandru Murar
  • @Alexandru Murar
  • @Alexandru Murar
  • @Alexandru Murar
Photo: @Alexandru Murar

These stoneware flasks are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel in the form of an elongated egg, coated with various types of glazes and fired in a reduced atmosphere.

Height 14 cm
Width 20 cm

Photo: @Alexandru Murar
Cup with pulled handle

The cup with pulled handle is part of Alexandru Murar's Everyday series. Its form has naturally crystallised over a decade on the potter's wheel. The pulled handle, the rim and the voluptuous body harmoniously work together to form an ergonomic functional item.

Diameter 8.5 cm

Photo: @Alexandru Murar

Fabula is a collection of wheel-thrown figures made in stoneware. Each object is a composite of multiple independently thrown and assembled units. Fabula's animals are vessels with cork stoppers, spouts and handles.

Length 200 cm
Width 120 cm
Height 40 cm

Photo: @Alexandru Murar
Moon Jar

This moon jar is thrown in two sections using the original Korean technique. It is coated by one layer of white slip and glazed with a black Tenmoku, on top of which a Nuka glaze was sprayed; these thick layers overflow the generous round shape resulting in a mesmerising pattern.

Height 40 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: @Alexandru Murar
Egg vase

This large egg vase is thrown in two sections and high-fired without any glaze. It has an iconic egg shape and a subtle raw surface given by the atmospheric firing.

Height 43 cm
Width 30 cm

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